Maximize Your Mornings Fall 2011 Challenge

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Well, I first started this post on May 23, 2011. It didn’t get typed, and it didn’t get published. But here I am again, it is August 30, 2011 September 1, 2011. The Maximize Your Mornings Summer Challenge has ended, and I obviously didn’t give you any weekly, or even month, updates. You didn’t miss much. Trust me. I took up the challenge of being an Accountability Captain for one of the dozens of groups that were formed from the over 800 women that signed up to do the challenge. I really enjoyed doing Katie‘s Philippians Bible study and getting to know my group. I was actually in charge of a Central timezone so that was interesting.

The MYM Fall Challenge is about to begin on September 15. I can’t wait, because the last few weeks have been busy with “one last” get-together with friends and family. I have not been maximizing my mornings at all! Autumn is right around the corner, and I have a few added responsibilities around here, as teacher (at home) and publicity coordinator for MOPS. BUT…I am pumped to be an AC again! It is really the best way to keep accountable. I hear there is over 1,500 women signed up already, and there is still one more day to register. Want to join me?

– Joyce

My MYM Backstory: Week 3: MYM Challenge (10/15/11) | MYM Challenge (10/26/10) | Wake Up! (2/22/11) | Waking Up (4/19/11)

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