Not A Runner

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But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31 NLT)

Anyone else feel like you are surrounded by runners? I do. My brother-in-law runs marathons. My brother, who also runs, works for a company that makes energy gel for runners and other athletes. I have neighbors who run. Ladies in my moms’ group run. My Facebook and Twitter friends run. I know people who run to raise money for causes, and others who run for fun.

I wanted to be a runner!!

I mean, I did come in 2nd place out of all the girls in the one-mile fitness test in 5th grade. And I also run after kids all day long. I got this! I downloaded the C25K app onto my phone. I emailed people asking for running tips. And…that was all I did. I had excuses for not finding the time, or the weather wasn’t that great, and there were other real excuses, like I have a bad knee, and I didn’t have any running clothes, and getting some would require shopping, and I hate shopping.

So, what did I do?

To find out what I did, visit to read the remainder of THIS POST.

How and when did you discover that you’re more of a walker than a runner?

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HelloMornings Busyness

Whenever it’s a little too quiet on our blog, you know what’s going on…a new session of HelloMornings!!


I have not only been blessed by being accountable to my early mornings in the Word, planning for my day, and trying to move, but I have been blessed to serve with some awesome sisters in Christ. They are amazing in every way. So many things happen behind the scenes to make it all happen (we have over 160 Accountability Captains signed up to facilitate groups) and the result? THOUSANDS of women around the world (South Africa, India, UK, Costa Rica, Australia…) being encouraged to start their day with God.

These are my fellow Registration Coordinators. I will be meeting one of them this Saturday for inRL!!! So exciting!

If someone can help me take a better headshot, I will you get you some Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Power Berries with Acai, Pomegranate, Cranberry and Blueberry. Soooo good! Get some! Thank you and you’re welcome.

If you are interested in finding out more about HelloMornings (or inRL), let me know! Registration for the SUMMER SESSION starts Friday, 4/26

Giveaway Winner

See post below for Company Girl Coffee. ūüôā

Happy Friday all!

Thank you all who entered our Mom Connection book giveaway.

The process: write the names on a piece of paper and have a little girl pick one…

And the winner is…

Yes, that is a frog on the side of the little planter pot I got from MOPS. It is much cuter in real life.

Congrats Juliana for winning the book. You will enjoy it. I will send you an email soon to get your contact info so you can read this right away. ūüôā

If you didn’t win, come back for a chance to win another great giveaway item…this time from Dayspring. I’ll have more details for you next week. I hope everyone is enjoying the giveaways. If not, we don’t have to do them anymore. I know not everyone likes them. :p

– Joyce

Giveaway Winner and HMC

Happy Wednesday all!

Giveaway Winner

We have a winner for the book giveaway! Congrats to April of April’s Everyday Blog for winning The Forgiven Duke. I have sent you an email, please respond in 24 hours to get your advanced copy of the book. ūüôā

If you didn’t win, come back for a chance to win another book. I’ll have more details before the end of the week. Psst, if you are one of my MOPS friends, you will want to check it out.

Hello Mornings Challenge

All right y’all. It’s that time again! It’s time to register for the Hello Mornings Challenge! We had a Spreecast last night and it was super fun even with the crazy technical difficulties and all. (Evidently, our spring party is trending!) You can even see me briefly sharing about how to do the HMC using a blog. (You can even fast forward through that part if it makes you embarrassed to know me. :p hehe) This challenge is a little different this summer because we’re gearing up for something cool for the Fall. I’ll never be tired of sharing about HMC because it made a difference in my life. I still don’t have “perfect” mornings every single day, but those days that are good are really good. Read my BACKSTORY and find out how my journey has been like. I’m so honored to be part of the Inspired to Action team. They really are a bunch of inspiring women!!

Registration has only been open for less than 12 hours and we have 271 participants signed up and ready to WAKE UP! Let me know if you are interested in doing the challenge with me. I do need accountability to get going. Just leave a comment or message me if you have any questions.

– Joyce

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Hello Mornings: Ready, Set, Go

Today is the first day of the winter challenge, so I’m trying to remind myself of a few things I’ve learned from the past challenges to help me ease into waking up earlier.

Get Ready
PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! Every time a new session of the Hello Mornings challenge is about to begin, I always feel like there is some kind of spiritual warfare going on. Something happens to distract or prevent me from trying to get started. We can’t do this alone. We need God and we need each other.

Get Set
Remember to set your alarm(s). Take baby steps to reach your final wake-up goal time. I move my time up by 5 minutes every week. So…if I want to wake up 5 minutes earlier, I have to also go to bed 5 minutes earlier. I read that when we hit that snooze button and sleep for another few minutes that it actually makes us more tired. I will have to think about that before trying to catch a few more Zzzzzs. And another little sleep tidbit I read somewhere (I really need to remember where I get all this stuff), is that if you fall asleep too quickly when you are in bed, it means you are too exhausted. Recalculate how much sleep you actually need to be well-rested and functional.

Get Going
…to bed!!

‘Twas the Thursday Before Christmas

(Psst, remember to leave a comment to enter the giveaway.)

…and all through the malls, crowds are shopping…..and I can’t think of anything because I should be sleeping. Any one want to finish the sentence for me? =p

Kat at Inspired to Action has put together a book called Maximize Your Mornings. Out of that came the Hello Mornings challenge. I just wanted to put this info out there before I register for the Hello Mornings challenge for Winter 2012. I’ve been doing this challenge since Fall 2010, and it has really helped me to be a better mom…and person (or so I’d like to think anyway =p hehe). Each season has been different, but overall, I do believe that having that time to ourselves before the kids wake up really does make the day go much smoother. (The Winter challenge has ended and obviously I am not doing well in keeping myself accountable to going to bed early. Oops! That’s why we have our groups.)

A quick rundown of what MYM is:

  1. Get out of bed
  2. Get into the Word
  3. Get moving (exercise)
  4. Get a game plan for the day

I have been an Accountability Captain for the last 2 challenges. Each of those times were for groups of women I have never met before. We had FB group pages where we did our check-ins each morning. I was hoping to be able to find a few people who I know in “real life” (more or less) to do this with. Any takers?

You can read more about the challenge on INSPIRED TO ACTION or on my page that links all my old MYM POSTS. If you have any question or want more information/details on the challenge, please email me. Registration closes on January 2nd, and I would really love to get the group together before the end of the year, let let me know! =)

– Joyce

MYM Fall 2011 Challenge Update

(Scroll to end of post for my MYM backstory)

We just finished Week 4 of the MYM Fall challenge last week. It is going okay. I am getting to know my group more. There are about 7-8 of us who actively check in each morning. I have not been as good about doing the study as I was last time around (I usually do my morning stuff from my phone because if I turn on the laptop, it becomes too much of a timesuck, and my phone hasn’t been cooperating at all (it’s a great study by the way…working our way through the Fruit of the Spirit)). The toughest part really is just getting out of bed, but once I do that, it’s not too hard to get going, until the first little one wakes up.

Week 1 – It was a rocky start because we were on vacation!
Week 2 – Finally recovered from vacation mode, I was off to a better start this week.
Week 3 – It was an insomnia kind of week for me. It was a vicious cycle of me falling asleep when the girls went to bed, and then waking up (either by myself or by someone else) in the wee hours, and not able to fall asleep for 2+ hours. I was, however, able to get into the Word more this week since that was what we were working on.
Week 4 – So much better. I really need to get better at going to bed at a decent time, but I did wake up around 6:40/6:50am a few mornings. I loved it! I think everyone loved it too because I wasn’t trying to hide under the sheets, avoiding getting up. =p

The weekends are tough because it’s the only time I can “sleep in” and it makes it hard to get into my MYM groove once Monday comes around.

This will be a good week. I hope to have a good report for you in a few weeks.

It is Motivation Monday over at Inspired to Action, so make sure to stop over there and enter the giveaway.

– Joyce

My MYM Backstory: Week 3: MYM Challenge (10/15/11) | MYM Challenge (10/26/10) | Wake Up! (2/22/11) | Waking Up (4/19/11) | MYM Fall 2011 Challenge (9/1/11)

Maximize Your Mornings Fall 2011 Challenge

(Scroll to end of post for my MYM backstory)

Well, I first started this post on May 23, 2011. It didn’t get typed, and it didn’t get published. But here I am again, it is August 30, 2011 September 1, 2011. The Maximize Your Mornings Summer Challenge has ended, and I obviously didn’t give you any weekly, or even month, updates. You didn’t miss much. Trust me. I took up the challenge of being an Accountability Captain for one of the dozens of groups that were formed from the over 800 women that signed up to do the challenge. I really enjoyed doing Katie‘s Philippians Bible study and getting to know my group. I was actually in charge of a Central timezone so that was interesting.

The MYM Fall Challenge is about to begin on September 15. I can’t wait, because the last few weeks have been busy with “one last” get-together with friends and family. I have not been maximizing my mornings at all! Autumn is right around the corner, and I have a few added responsibilities around here, as teacher (at home) and publicity coordinator for MOPS. BUT…I am pumped to be an AC again! It is really the best way to keep accountable. I hear there is over 1,500 women signed up already, and there is still one more day to register. Want to join me?

– Joyce

My MYM Backstory: Week 3: MYM Challenge (10/15/11) | MYM Challenge (10/26/10) | Wake Up! (2/22/11) | Waking Up (4/19/11)