31 Days To An Organized Christmas


I am inspired by Kathi Lipp’s latest book Get Yourself Organized for Christmas. (Well, I am inspired by all her books really. You should check them out.) It is not about the decorations and food and wrapping papers and cards, but that is part of the holiday season. Instead of being overwhelmed by the invitations and checklists, I really want to make it a season that has meaning for our family. I read the book last month, and now I am ready to get a game plan for the holidays. Are you with me?

You can get the book AT THIS LINK (get Kindle version if you don’t want to add to your book stack 😜) and follow along with me for the next 31 days.

  1. Introduction
  2. Four Steps
  3. Avoid Conflict
  4. Pray
  5. Project #1: What Is Your Holiday Plan?
  6. Project #2: Put Together Your Christmas Binder
  7. Project #3: Pick Your Christmas Card Picture
  8. Project #4: Prep Your Christmas Card
  9. Project #5: Schedule Your Time for the Holidays
  10. Project #6: Get Your Gift List Together
  11. Project #7: What’s Your Budget?
  12. Project #8: Catch-Up Day
  13. Project #9: Gifts for Out-of-Town Friends & Family
  14. Project #10: Gather Your Elf Supplies
  15. Project #11: Get Your Recipes Together
  16. Project #12: Catch Up on Your Project
  17. Project #13: Decor Day
  18. Project #14: Prep Your Kitchen
  19. Project #15: Get Those Stockings Ready
  20. Project #16: Refresh Yourself
  21. Project #17: Ship Those Boxes Out
  22. Project #18: Get Online
  23. Project #19: Take Off Your Apron and Grab Your Pencil
  24. Project #20: Tablecloths, Napkins, and Foof, Oh My
  25. Project #21: Your Personalized Special Project
  26. Wrap Up
  27. Christmas Put Away Project #1:
  28. Christmas Put Away Project #2:
  29. Christmas Put Away Project #3:
  30. Christmas Put Away Project #4:
  31. Christmas Put Away Project #5: