Maximize Your Mornings Challenge

Dance parties with little girls are the best, aren’t they? Great way to get some cardio in too!

For the Maximize Your Mornings challenge, I am still trying to get the Get Out Of Bed step down because for 3 weeks now one person or another has not been feeling well around here. Draining…… it was my turn this week.

When I do get up before the kids, I do feel more refreshed. It has been great to listen to some worship music and have some quiet moments with the Lord and pray for my children and husband.

I got back on board the Sparkpeople train and they have a great program. I am trying to use their fitness plan for the Exercise portion of MYM. You can plug in how much time you have want to exercise and they come up with stuff for you to do.

Now here’s where I need your help. You know it is so much better when you are working out to some good music, unless you enjoy silently counting reps in your head. What are some great workout songs out there?

– Joyce


6 thoughts on “Maximize Your Mornings Challenge

  1. Hi Joyce! 61 degrees is cold??? Um, try 41 degrees with wind to top it off. 😉

    I used Spark People for a very long time. Still have a recipe box there. I need to get back to doing my core exercises. I can tell that I’m getting out of shape again.

    Good luck!

  2. I haven’t used music while exercising in a while, but I enjoy DC Talk or Toby Mac. Also the Gladiator Soundtrack has some fun tracks to run to (battle scenes, you know).
    I’m checking out SparkPeople right now. 🙂

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