Book List 2016

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I did a better job last year than the year before in updating my book list. I hope it is a continuing trend. :p I also hope one of our handful (yes, probably just one handful :p haha!) finds this book list and my monthly updates/reviews helpful. It isn’t often I re-read a book, but like I shared last year, ‘you will notice that there are some that are repeats from last year. It wasn’t that I didn’t read them. I did! And I really liked them, and I want to implement some of what I learned from them.’ I check out some books from the library, so it is hard to gauge when they will arrive after I request them, and/or when someone else puts them on hold and I have to return them. I’m learning to be flexible in my plans. There are a ton more I want to read because readers gonna read, but I have to be realistic because mothers gonna mother. I have it listed by month in case anyone wants to join me, you know when to get the books! ūüôā

What books do you have on your To-Read list for this year? Are you more of a nonfiction or fiction reader?


I will update as the year goes on with updates and reviews. Bold = currently reading, Italicized = done reading
(The * and + is for my own notes. * are the ones available at our library and + are the ones I own already.)






  • Finishing a few books I didn’t finish¬†in previous months: Total Money Makeover and Unstuffed








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