Waking Up

It is 8:08am and I think a child might be waking up soon. They usually wake up at 7:30ish, so I have just been enjoying my quiet time. So nice! =)

Here’s a little Maximize Your Morning challenge update for anyone who is keeping up and/or cares…

I am still doing okay in waking up….my problem is getting to bed earlier though. I usually get a half hour to an hour and a half to myself in the mornings (more often it is just half an hour which is enough for me).

I am going through a Lent devotional reading plan in my YouVersion Bible. I am not the best pray-er (if that makes any sense), but I love praying over my family…and some other things that have been on my heart before the day starts. I have not been able to get into my worship time as much which I miss.

And if there is any remaining time (Melody is first of the two to wake and she is usually good about leaving me alone for a bit after getting a hug), I finish up the planning portion in my morning routine. I usually plan for the upcoming week on Saturday or Sunday, so in the mornings, I simply look at my Springpad lists to see what we are doing/going and what I’m cooking for meals, and then I check my Google Reader, Facebook, and emails.

Exercise is part of the MYM routine but I actual do this at night right now. For the past month I have been keeping up with the workout apps on my phone (they have been so great, and I am trying really hard to be disciplined), but I am definitely going to start on some cardio really soon. Originally, I was going to do a 5k run this year, but there is an upcoming 5k walk for a cause that I really want to do in May. I will update you on that in a later post.

Okay, it is 8:25am and both girls are up now (I think Melody is sad she missed saying bye and giving Daddy a hug before he left for work this morning) and my thumbs have had their workout from typing this longer-than-I-expected post. Have a great day!

– Joyce


5 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. Oh, I so need the discipline to wake up before Avery in the mornings so I have some time to myself before starting the daily grind. Thanks for your update; it’s inspiring 🙂

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