MYM Fall 2011 Challenge Update

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We just finished Week 4 of the MYM Fall challenge last week. It is going okay. I am getting to know my group more. There are about 7-8 of us who actively check in each morning. I have not been as good about doing the study as I was last time around (I usually do my morning stuff from my phone because if I turn on the laptop, it becomes too much of a timesuck, and my phone hasn’t been cooperating at all (it’s a great study by the way…working our way through the Fruit of the Spirit)). The toughest part really is just getting out of bed, but once I do that, it’s not too hard to get going, until the first little one wakes up.

Week 1 – It was a rocky start because we were on vacation!
Week 2 – Finally recovered from vacation mode, I was off to a better start this week.
Week 3 – It was an insomnia kind of week for me. It was a vicious cycle of me falling asleep when the girls went to bed, and then waking up (either by myself or by someone else) in the wee hours, and not able to fall asleep for 2+ hours. I was, however, able to get into the Word more this week since that was what we were working on.
Week 4 – So much better. I really need to get better at going to bed at a decent time, but I did wake up around 6:40/6:50am a few mornings. I loved it! I think everyone loved it too because I wasn’t trying to hide under the sheets, avoiding getting up. =p

The weekends are tough because it’s the only time I can “sleep in” and it makes it hard to get into my MYM groove once Monday comes around.

This will be a good week. I hope to have a good report for you in a few weeks.

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– Joyce

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