Week 3: Maximize Your Mornings Challenge

Company Girls, read the previous post for Coffee.

So I joined in on the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge and it has been okay thus far. I’m putting this out there for ya’ll to keep me accountable.

Step One: Get Out of Bed!
Week One was all about just getting out of bed! I think half the time I had gone to bed on time and the other half not. Old habits die hard…chatting with hubby and going online and folding laundry. Throw some sick kids (and also not feeling well myself) into the mix and there you have it. As for waking up, I wanted to slowly wake up earlier and earlier to make it to my target wake up time, but I’m not even close yet. I think interrupted sleep is a lot worse than sleeping for a short period of time. *sigh* Well, I’m watching the recent “sick one” on the video monitor right now and she’s tossing and turning, but I’m hoping that the virus is gone and we can say goodbye to that fever for good, and I can get some rest also.

Step Two: Quiet Time Schedule
We had to do 4 things for this week:
1. Select morning worship music. The first one was easy. I went with a few of Kat’s suggested songs and I also asked Norm for some recommendations. Brooke Fraser, Steven Curtis Chapman, Audrey Assad, David Crowder are on the list…
2. Create/select a Bible study plan. This was an easy one too. I just got The Grace of God by Andy Stanley as my free Booksneeze book to review. It is really good so far, and makes me want to pick up the Bible to read more into what he is writing about.
3. Create/print a prayer calendar. I printed out Kat’s Prayer Calendar for Mothers.
4. Be quiet and listen. I need to work on this more since I haven’t been waking up early enough to wake up before Melody. She has been good about doing her own thing (which is usually read) for a bit before I can get to her.

Step Three: Develop an Exercise Plan
This is what we’re working on this upcoming week. Wish me luck!! I got back on Sparkpeople recently, and am looking forward to using the fitness plan that they have on there. I’ll have to work on the details over the weekend, but figure I would post this for everyone to see, and then I will have to follow through. =)

1. List all the ways you could possibly exercise.
2. Specifically plan your workout — What, Where, When?
3. Create Your Habit – What is 1 thing you’ll do everyday?
4. Set a Goal – Why are you exercising?

I’ll be back next week to let you know how it went.

4 thoughts on “Week 3: Maximize Your Mornings Challenge

  1. Just caught up on my google reader. This is an awesome post. Things I’ve been thinking of doing for quite some time now…but now you’ve motivated me to go for it 🙂 Thanks for sharing these great ideas. BTW, I plan on trying out the tomato stir-fry recipe this weekend. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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