VBS 2011 Part 2a

VBS 2011 Part 1

by Joyce
(this will be the boring version of PandaMania VBS…more exciting versions are coming soon!)

So this is my first year helping out with VBS since the girls were born, and not only that but it was my first year helping out with VBS at our church. It has been awhile, so I was a bit rusty to say the least. And I am not too familiar with doing VBS with the different stations.

I was in charge of Spotlight VBS for the week. I took photos of the crews during their time at Bamboo Blast Games. I have the crews do different poses with some props for the photos, and then put it together in the pre-made slideshow presentation to show during the Rowdy Wrap-up (closing assembly).

Each day was not without it’s technical difficulties, but where would the fun be if all went too smoothly? =p (Disclaimer (after I re-read what I typed): Ignore this if you don’t want to read about boring technology stuff. I bored myself typing it.)

Day 0 – After Norm’s uncle’s birthday BBQ in San Mateo, we headed back to church around 7pm to make sure that the slideshow would work for the week. I had never worked with multiple monitors before, so it was a little intimidating. It took some time, but I finally figured out a way to make it project on the screen. Thank You, God!
Day 1 – We couldn’t get the monitors to cooperate to project the Spotlight VBS presentation and then the PowerPoint slides for the songs. I had to swap the primary monitor and not extend the others, and then switch back to do the songs. There were no SD card reader slots in the church computers for me to upload the photos. I had to go home and upload from our laptop, and go back to church to download each individual photo to import to the presentation. Thank You, God!
Day 2 – There was a mix-up with the day’s schedule and I only had 30 minutes to make sure I got the presentation together. The Internet wasn’t working on my laptop. We finally figured out I had to be at a certain spot in church to get the wi-fi. I put everything together in under 10 minutes. Thank You, God!
Day 3 – Actually, I think we got everything to work more smoothly this day. Thank You, God!
Day 4 – My camera battery went out while I was shooting! Luckily, the pastor’s secretary always has her camera available. Yay! Thanks Ann! But after we showed the Spotlight VBS presentation, I couldn’t get the screens to go back to show the PowerPoint slides for the songs. It worked out that at least everyone could see the lyrics. Thank You, God!
Day 5 – Same thing as Day 4. Odd how we had been doing the same thing the first 3 days, and now it didn’t work. After coming home, I sorted through 400 photos to make the PowerPoint slideshow for the final Rowdy Wrap-Up and Ice Cream Party. It seemed easy enough to insert the songs in there, but once we got it transferred to the church’s computer, it didn’t work. But we played the songs from the CD play, so all was well. Thank You, God!

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