Hello there dear readers! (I think there might be about 4 or 5 of out there now 😉 instead of just 3 hehe),

Since it’s Thanksgiving time, I just want to say THANKS for Keeping Up With The Moys this year. I am taking a little break from blogging this week (might pop in here and there…it’s been known to happen when I say I’m taking a break) since it’s family and friends time…and because I am sick!! Ack! Like not just feeling under the weather, but coughing, sore throat, fever, all that fun stuff.

Hang around and catch up on posts you didn’t get a chance to read, or check out some of our November/Thanksgiving posts from years past.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2009
Thanksgiving 2010 Meal #1
Thanksgiving 2010 Meal #2

Butternut Squash Soup
Sweet Potato Casserole

November Update 2008
November Update 2009

Thanksgiving/Thankful Tree
(post about completed tree to come soon)

And usually, I’ll post some top posts for you to read, but today I’ll post The Top 5 Unread Posts of 2011 =p These posts need some lovin’ too.
1. Phone Photo: Snooze
2. VBS 2011 Part 2a
3. How Does Our Garden Grow (Week 13)
4. Memories: Spring Celebration
5. Melody-ism: Growing Up

Well, there you have it. I’ll be around, but not as much. Take care. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Tell someone why you’re thankful for them! I’m thankful for you because you read our blog!

– Joyce

I’m thankful for these two goofballs. Oh, and their Daddy too…but I couldn’t find a decent pic of him since he’s always behind the camera. If anyone of you out there have one of him, send it our way.

3 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Hope you’ll be feeling better by Thursday so you can enjoy the yummy Thanksgiving food and time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving! =)

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