VBS 2011 Part 1

I heard about SLZJCC’s VBS from a friend (hi GY!), and decided to sign Melody up for it. They are doing the same theme as our church so it’s a preview for her. =p (Maybe Melody would get the hint that she’s Asian since she was surrounded by mostly Asians for the week! She thinks she’s English if anyone’s wondering. This leads me to speak in my “Harry Potter” accent to make her realize that she’s not. But anyhow….)

She was really excited for VBS to start, so she wasn’t even nervous that she has never been to this church, and she really doesn’t know anyone there. We knew GY’s son, but he wasn’t in the same group as her.

(Some of these photos are from my phone, so they are not great quality.)

Here she is when we got in for the opening assembly time.

Loved their decorations

Emily LOVED the assembly times!!!

Melody’s group was always in the front, and she’s short so this is what we saw of her all week.

Group pic

Norm’s cousin was just telling me about Jana Alayra and I was introduced to her songs this week!! Super duper fun! Emily is doing the robot here.

And again…the back of Melody…

Forgot to change the setting on the camera before my sister snapped this shot of us heading to the car. Thanks SLZJCC for a fun time!

Thank you, God!

I ran into someone I met at the practicum. Her 2nd daughter is the same age as Melody. They will be in the same Classical Conversations class together, and they were in the same VBS class. They ended up becoming friends without knowing that their moms know each other! =p

There is a VBS reunion in September, but we will not be able to make that. =( What a fun idea though!

– Joyce

7 thoughts on “VBS 2011 Part 1

  1. So fun!! haha I had to laugh at how she thinks she’s English…that is hilarious and cute! I’m sure she’ll grow up to be totally enriched with culture. What a cutie!

  2. How fun is that! So if Melody is doing Classical Conversations, does that mean y’all are homeschooling? You might’ve talked about this before, but I can’t remember. Has it warmed up there yet? I have some 100+ degree weather I’d be happy to pass along… 🙂

    • Yup, we’re going to experiment with homeschooling for this year and see how we do. No, I haven’t really talked about it that much. We were going back and forth on this for awhile, and are still not sure what we want to do.

      It finally started warming up, but the hottest it got was probably mid 80s if that. I’m okay with that.

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