VBS 2011 Part 2c

VBS 2011 Part 1 | 2a | 2b

VBS Favorites
an interview with Emily

I had to use my PandaMania Overview Chart as reference for Emily’s interview.

What was your favorite part of VBS?
Singin’ (This may or may not have been prompted by her big sister)

What was your favorite song during Party Time Sing & Play/Rowdy Wrap-Up?
He Reigns

What was your favorite Treetop Treat?
*Points to Cross of Life* (pretzel stick with frosting and sprinkles)

What was your favorite Bamboo Blast game?
Duck, Duck, Goose “That’s funny.”

What was your favorite craft?
This one *points to the Magnificent Magna-Scope*

What was your favorite Bible adventure story?
Jesus (Jesus dies and comes back)

What didn’t you like about VBS?
Panda Pete (he was a little loud for her, poor girl cried every time he came out)
“No me like this” *points to Chadder*

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