Sac Trip: Day 3 (Church and Visit with Friends)

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So this was a toughie for us. We were trying to decide whether we wanted to go to Laguna Baptist Church or Chinese Grace Bible Church. My cuzzo attends Laguna right now, so we wanted to go there for that reason, but service starts at 9am, which is not so bad if it wasn’t 30 minutes from our hotel. Since we were on vacation, we decided not to have to rush, and went to CGBC instead. They were about 20 minutes away but service didn’t start until 10ish. We drove up, parked in guest parking (rare for us), and found where everyone needed to be thanks to their little information booth. They were very welcoming and we got first-timer baggies with info and travel mugs. Melody gladly went to her class, and Emily decided to come to service with us and asking to use the potty a million times. Norm finally decided to just go with her to her class. The sermon was on The Abiding Fruit (which just so happens to be the title of the study that I am doing right now). I think I know one of the vocalists that was up on the worship team.

New Canton Restaurant
We saw a Chinese restaurant on our way to church but it seemed closed when we drove up, so with the help of our phone’s Yelp apps we found New Canton Restaurant. I am so glad we found this place because it was super yummy. If you are looking for dim sum in Sacramento, definitely go here. Norm has posted a review HERE.


Andy and Yvonne
We decided to do take out for our visit with Andy and Yvonne. The girls did well when we were out, but it does take awhile for the food to come, and once they finished eating it was a challenge to keep them seated until we were done. Anyhow, there was way too much yummy food from Thai Chili. We always enjoy our time with this lovely family. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the visit, playing catch with Auntie Yvonne, playing hide and seek with Uncle Andy, and exploring Baby Natalie’s toys. Thanks for having us over! We look forward to many more visits and fun times with you guys!

Click HERE for Day 3 photos or view slideshow below (if the slideshow brings you to the album, just close that and come back here to watch it run):

4 thoughts on “Sac Trip: Day 3 (Church and Visit with Friends)

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  4. I think we’ve driven by New Canton many times, but I don’t remember going in. I’m glad you wrote about dim sum because I’ve wanted to try if before!

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