Sac Trip: Day 5 (CA State Capitol and Leatherby’s)

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CA State Capitol

I have never been to the state capitol before, so this was a highlight for me. When we got there, we had just missed a tour group that went up, but the tour person brought us up and we got to join in. It was really fun to learn about the governors and the history of the capitol (the building). I love the refresher on how the government runs and how bills become laws. It was neat to see Castro Valley Fall Festival on the Alameda County board.

Check-out I had already packed up most of our stuff the night before, so we were all good to go when we got back to the hotel to check out. We didn’t really buy any souvenirs or anything, so we pretty much left with what we came with, minus the pastries we brought for breakfast, plus the apples/apple butter/Jelly Belly flops we bought.

Leatherby’s We were headed to the last stop on our trip before heading home. Leatherby’s Family Creamery is pretty much like Knudsen’s Ice Creamery that we frequent here in Castro Valley. Everything was pretty yummy. Melody picked strawberry ice cream and Emily picked lemon ice cream because you know their favorite colors are pink and yellow respectively. I don’t think Ice Creamery has lemon ice cream, so that was different and yummy, but I like Ice Creamery more. =)

Home Sweet Home The girls did not nap in the car (they normally don’t) on the way home so we played Zingo To-Go and tried to finish up the rest of the Travel Scavenger Hunt that we printed out. Melody basically played this every time we were in the car, and even tallied up the things she saw more than once. We wanted to stop at UC Davis to see friends and the Eggheads, but alas, it was way too hot by that time, and it is quite a walk from any parking lot to see anything, plus the whole napping children thing. Right when we got home, Melody hopped onto the Strider Bike and was all smiles. We unloaded everything, and the girls took a nice long nap. Home sweet home! It is good to be back. Even though it took us the rest of the week to recover from all of that, we are already planning our future vacations/trips! =)

Click HERE for Day 5 album or view slideshow below (if the slideshow brings you to the album, just close that and come back here to watch it run):

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6 thoughts on “Sac Trip: Day 5 (CA State Capitol and Leatherby’s)

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  2. My favorite thing to get from Leatherby’s is a side of caramel sauce and eat it with a little ice cream. Their caramel is amazing! We’ll have to try out the Ice Creamery soon

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