Sac Trip: Day 0 (Packing)

I am pretty bad at packing. I also pack one bag every trip I have ever been on. The same bag. No matter where I am going or for long, it doesn’t matter. I just fill the bag. This time, I had to add packing for the girls into the mix. Luckily, we were going to Sacramento during summertime, so we didn’t need big jackets or anything. I packed the girls’ stuff plus my own stuff into that same bag I always use! I did pack a long sleeve for each of us but we never needed them. I also packed jeans for myself, but didn’t wear those either. Besides the one big bag, we also had a few other things that we would need for the car rides, so we also had a snack bag (Club Minis, Annie’s bunnies, Nutella/PB for Hawaiian rolls we brought, chocolate chip cookies), a backpack with activities (coloring books and crayons, Leapfrog game, ZINGO To Go, Travel Hungry Hungry Hippo, travel journal, travel scavenger hunt (which Melody LOVED!)), and each girl had their own backpack (E’s contained change of clothes, Pull-Ups (which we never needed!) and wipes, M’s included some books, her Bible and devotional, and their toiletries). I don’t think it was too much for traveling with kids, right? Oh yeah…and a Winnie the Pooh nightlight. Everyone brings that on vacation too, right? =)

Here are the rest of the packing photos.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

7 thoughts on “Sac Trip: Day 0 (Packing)

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