Sac Trip: Coffee

So we begin our recaps of our trip to Sacramento. Before we get started, I have to tell you how I survived this trip (who’s great idea was it to start nighttime potty training E before this trip? oh yeah, me…). Most of you know that I’ve been a tea-drinker since…I can’t remember, but it’s something like birth. But, for this trip, I needed something else…mainly because I totally forgot to bring my teabags, and of course, hotels don’t usually supply Asian teabags in their rooms. Anyhow, you all may have read my post about my first chocolate chip cookie baking experience. Well, here is my first coffee making experience. I know!! How is that possible? I may have made instant coffee once or twice, but I have never operated a coffee maker of any kind.

I call this the 4 P’s of coffee making.

1. Pour water into the maker…to the line.
2. Put the “coffee pod” in its allocated slot.
3. Place your mug underneath the spout.
4. Push the “on” button.

That’s it! The coffee is seriously done within minutes. And all the while, the girls are doing this. On this particular they were watching Yard Crashers and House Crashers, but most other mornings it was PBS. I think The Cat in the Hat was usually on while we got ready for the day.

– Joyce

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10 thoughts on “Sac Trip: Coffee

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  2. I’m giggling because you didn’t even have to grind any beans or measure out any coffee grounds!! This is coffee making the EASY version! Good for you!
    I love to drink tea, and it used to be my 1st go-to. But now that I’ve discovered I like to drink my coffee with a 1:3 coffee/milk ratio, I go for the coffee more often. I LOOOOVE the smell. And the taste, once I have cream and sugar.

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