Sac Trip: Day 4 (Sacramento Zoo and Shoki II)

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Sac Zoo
If you are in the Sacramento area for anything, I would recommend going to the Sacramento Zoo. If you have a zoo membership from another CA zoo, you might also get a discount. We got a 50% discount with our Oakland Zoo membership. You can also get a nice hopper deal with Fairytale Town across the street. It looked like a lot of fun, but with napping kids, it would have been hard to do both. The highlight of our trip there was feeding the giraffes. It costs $3 a branch, but when do you ever get a chance to feed those tall animals with the long, black tongues? The zoo was just the perfect size for us to get to see all of the animals they have there. I’ll try to do a separate review of the Sac Zoo, but I will say that I like it better than the Oakland Zoo.

Subway Lunch
We grabbed a quick Subway lunch. Always a yummy sandwich, and a cookie and milk for the girls.

Zzzzzz…..and I have to share this photo with you because this was Emily’s favorite spot whenever she woke up in the morning or after nap…so precious with her little baby too. =p

Dinner with Lydia at Shoki II Ramen House
My little cousin just started at Sacramento State, so we had give her a visit while we were up there. We didn’t know what was around the area, so we were a little lost for awhile, but Lydia got a hold of her cousin that lives up there, and we made our way to Shoki II. I think this was a place that Yvonne had recommended for us too. It is a ramen house. Streets had been blocked off so we had a hard time finding this place. And it is also surrounded by warehouses, so it took us awhile to find it. We finally did, and I wish I would have ordered a bigger bowl of ramen. Lydia had to get to her small group, so we parted ways. You can read Norm’s review at THIS LINK.

Explore the hotel
We got back as the sun set, and we set about to explore our hotel. Our hotel has a lake in the middle. There is a koi pond on one side. Emily liked that but Melody wasn’t too fond of the smell there. There wasn’t much else to see besides that. We passed by a bunch of conference rooms, there is a spa, and 2 computers that guests can use. I wish the food places downstairs wasn’t so pricey because the food sounded really yummy. Review to come? =p

Click HERE for Day 4 album or view slideshow below (if the slideshow brings you to the album, just close that and come back here to watch it run):

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