Gift Guide: Dayspring

I don’t want you to miss out on the good deals ending today! So check these items out before you read this post…below are the items I think are the must-haves from the current sale! (Yes, there’s more to come!) FYI, all these are affiliate links, which mean I received a percentage if you make a purchase with no extra cost to you. Thanks!

Gift Sets Sale
Buy 2, Get 1 Free Calendars and Planners
– And lots more that you will have to check out for yourself
– $20 off any $60 purchase plus free shipping coupon for my readers! Use code SHINEHISLIGHT at checkout. Offer will expire December 31st.

My Favorite Dayspring Items!

My favorite sales of the year are from Dayspring! They are the best places to get quality gifts that have a whole lot of meaning. I love the little touches of Bible verses on mugs or plates, and they also have plenty of fair trade items to purchase.

I am STILL shocked when I opened my last order…I think it was from the Black Friday sale, and I bought a bunch of journals and mugs as gifts. Ignore this if you think you will be receiving a journal or mug from me sometime soon. :p

These are bigger than regular sized journals, and I want to keep each one for myself.


And I am mad at myself for not ordering more of the jewelry to give as gifts. I’m not a good gift-giver…it’s way down there as a love language. I don’t care to receive gifts, except if you are the rare person who knows exactly what to get me, and there’s only like 2 or 3 of those people in the world, and I’m not fond of giving gifts…I would seriously give you practical stuff like wrapping paper or blank thank you cards…which I think Dayspring has! 🙂


There are many other items I have purchased over the years that we just love having in our home. I can’t find pics right now, but trust me on this.

Here’s a basket of goodies I gave out as an inRL meetup gift…I really like those pocket notebooks:


This is what our house looks like for Christmas time:

This is another item we love in our home:

And this is some great stuff too:

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