Work-in-Progress Mom Part 3

I guess there is a part 3 to my Work-in-Progress Mom post, too! :p Y’all are champs to stay until the end…or is it? I am not even sure myself.

What I’ve learned…and what I’m still learning:

What haven’t I learned should be the question. :p If you know me, I am a life-long learner. There’s always something to learn about…sometimes they are trivial things like a celebrity’s birthday (did you know I share one with Bruce Willis?) and sometimes they are big life lessons like how need to stop drifting through the days without intention, without listening to the still, small (or sometimes loud and booming) voice of our Lord, and without putting to use the time, talent, and treasure He has given to us. That’s a big one for sure!


Where I’m at…and where I’m going:

And finally, like the ebook, assessment, and webinar I shared about earlier, no course, training, or group will automatically propel you forward to be a better fill-in-the-blank (disciple, wife, mother, friend, neighbor, etc.), unless YOU intentionally put yourself out there to achieve your next step. I should repeat this to myself…unless I intentionally put myself out there to achieve my next step. (So glad we are working on pronouns in CC this year. :p hehe)

“The most important step is always the next step.” —

So, there it is…what I have been missing for the past few years. I was trying to dig into all the things, and getting lost in all of it…but all I need to do was take the next step in whatever goal, project, or task was right before me. This resource below is definitely NOT FREE, but another thing I have learned is that when you have a bit of skin in the game (someone please tell me where that phrase came from), you are more likely to have follow-through. (This is an affiliate link so I do get a percentage when you purchase through the link.) –> Registration ends in a few hours (December 15, 2016, at 11:59 pm Pacific), so make your decision, and let me know if you are in. OR if there is another program/course you are going through, or websites that offer free content that is helping you through all the overwhelming things of life, I’d also love to know about those too!


An Invitation to Community

I have a lot to work on, but I am okay with being okay, which is a lot better than being tired of being tired. Moms, we don’t need to do this alone…we aren’t alone!, so if you are interested in a project I am working on or you are in need of a mom community, please fill out the form at this link –> and share it with friends who may need encouragement in their mothering journey. (As my online friend Heather says, “Don’t mom alone.”)

I’m still trying to put all the pieces together in my head and moving that data onto the screen (and hoping to move it to real-life one day), but here are some more details of what it will look like…over the course of the year, each month we will work through one “life area”. You will have the option of just reading along with any blog posts on my blog, signing up to receive weekly email notes from me with exclusive ideas/tips/hacks (if you will) or resources, possibly live chats (replays will hopefully be available) with people who are more expert than I in the “life area” topic, or joining a VIP accountability group (for a small fee…it will be low to begin with since this first groups will be my guinea pigs, so this will be the year to join in!, although I will make options available to join for free). Again, this is all in my head right now, so please fill out the form for more updates –> And as another friend Kat says, “Go be awesome.”…well, both Heather and Kat both say some pretty amazing stuff (go listen to their podcasts), but you get the point.

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