Kiwi Crate: Playful Pets

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We are loving the Kiwi Crates! During this busy season of life, the convenience of the crates has been a blessing to us. We had friends over one day, and the girls all wanted to see what were in the Kiwi Crates! We had 2 crates full of fun projects for 4 girls ages 3-8. One was the February crate – Playful Pets. The other crate was Colorful Inspiration, which was the single crate that I won from the Pop-Up Shop Launch Party. There were enough materials for each girl to do 2 projects.

Playful Pets

Opening up the crates and exploring what is inside

JB starting her Pom-Pom pet

Everyone working on their projects

Emily working on here Pom-Pom pet

Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine coming from outside (the girls and dads had gone biking/scootering before starting the projects)

Stained Glass and Pom-Pom Pet

Spinning Color Wheel

And of course, the Pet Playground 🙂

Not shown as the colorful tote.

Here’s a sneak peek at this month’s crate! We can’t wait!

Kiwi Crate also sells supplies and materials for more crafty fun!

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