Kiwi Crate: Free Crate for 5 Friends

Peggy, Candace, Kristi, Jen, and Monica, enjoy your free crate!!

Kiwi Crate: What is it?My Rhythm Bells | My Xylophone | Antarctic Adventures | Family Game Night | Pop-Up Shop Launch Party | Playful Pets

You’ve heard me talk about Kiwi Crate before, and you’ll continue to hear me talk about it because we love them! For busy moms, this is the perfect solution in finding little projects to work on with your little ones (ages 3-7). Each Kiwi Crate comes with 2-3 projects, and booklets with more ways to explore on the theme of the crate. You can go online for even more activities related to the theme for the month. You can choose to receive a monthly subscription (which can be paused at any time), or you can purchase individual crates.

My silly girl the morning after we got a crate in the mail.
She was excited to get started on it!

I would love to introduce 5 friends to Kiwi Crate for free! Leave a comment below and I will pick 5 names to receive a free crate by Tuesday, May 28th at 8:57pm. 🙂

If you aren’t chosen to receive a free crate, you can order your first crate for only $10 with THIS LINK.

– Joyce

10 thoughts on “Kiwi Crate: Free Crate for 5 Friends

  1. Summer is here. Help! I need to fill up all summer with fun things to do. The kiwi crate would be awesome!

  2. I loved doing the kiwi crates with the girls the last time I came over! They have some pretty cool crafts online too.

  3. Wow ! This is the first time I hear about this and I can’t wait to see what it looks like! Hopefully I get a chance 😉


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