Kids in the Kitchen: Sushi Rolls

We decided to make sushi one night. Random. On the menu: edamame, miso soup, shrimp tempura, potstickers (aka gyoza), and lots and lots of yummy sushi rolls. They were all veggie rolls, or had chicken or smoked salmon, so nothing raw for those of you who don’t like that kinda stuff. :p If anyone is interested, I can post (links to) recipes later on.

Here is Melody getting ready to roll her first roll.



Another roll…

It was an inside-out roll, so adding just a bit of sesame seeds…

Some of the rolls Melody made

And…a close up!

Digging in…and taking a pic :p

Getting chopsticks ready

Emily made a ‘smiley face.’

And here’s Melody’s plate.


What I’m learning these days:

Don’t estimate what you kids can do, they will surprise you!

Check out the meal that these kids (age 7 and 4?) put together! Focaccia? Impressive!

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