Kiwi Crate: Pop-Up Shop Launch Party

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Our trip to Mountain View to Kiwi Crate‘s Pop-Up Shop Launch Party was a super random trip, but it is Melody’s birthday month so we decided to go on an adventure. We had meant to go with some friends, but Emily’s nap was longer than I expected. So we headed out on our own, and had a fab time.

Here we are after getting through a bit of rush hour traffic.

Walking in

Started off with a craft

Pirate hat-making is serious business

I think this is normally their kid testers room.

Completed pirate hats

Photo booth with props, of course!

While the girls went to grab some snacks, they asked if anyone wanted to go pack crates. The girls got to go in the back to pack some crates!

Packing their first crates…one was going to an Emily in Illinois 🙂

And…they got to pack a second crate. They’re almost pro!

When we were leaving, the girls each got to take home a mini-crate which was filled with some kiwi bird sillybandz, fruit snacks, and a t-shirt.

As I was waiting for them to pick their boxes, I also filled out the raffle, and guess what? I won! Woot!

Here’s a sneak peek at this month’s crate! We can’t wait!

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