MOPS Craft: No-Sew Tutu

For our MOPS craft this month, we had a choice between doing tutus or capes. The capes turned out great too but I know the girls are always itching to be ballerinas, so I made a tutu and got extra materials for a second one. I think I will make the capes on my own too. They were super cute.

I’m not going to share instructions here this time because the blog that our Creative Activities coordinator used has great instructions already. You can find the instructions HERE. She also has a QUICK AND EASY way to cut the tulle. We did it a little differently, so I’ll post that part below. It took me about half an hour to make the tutu.

3 pieces of tulle + pair of scissors + elastic ribbon = tutu

Fold, roll and cut the tulle (3″ inches)

Tie tulle strips onto tied elastic ribbon. I actually still have to cut the ends of some of the tulle, but they didn’t care about that. :p

Half an hour later. Ta-da!

– Joyce

Roll a yard of tulle.
– Keep the tulle folded in half lengthwise.
– Roll from the folded edge down to the open edge.
– Repeat for remaining two yards.

Cut tulle
– Keeping tulle in a roll, cut edge off to make even
– Cut the remaining roll into 3 inch pieces
– Once roll is cut, open up and cut each piece in half on the crease/middle.

6 thoughts on “MOPS Craft: No-Sew Tutu

  1. That is an awesome idea! Too bad my boys probably wouldn’t be into tutus haha! But I bet they’d love the capes. I’ll have to make them some 🙂

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