MOPS Craft: Courage Key Necklace

Since I posted the other MOPS craft, I figure I could keep going. :p We started out our new MOPS year in September making Courage Necklaces. In our MOPS members welcome kit from MOPS International, we received a Courage Key (The Giving Keys). We are supposed to find someone who needs the message of courage, and give them the key. Our super crafty Creative Activities coordinators, Megan and Kristina, came up with the idea of making the key into a necklace.

10517420_735954056453056_1319747969969472452_o(Photo credit: Kristina)


  • 1 – 30″ bronze etched chain
  • 3 – bronze beads
  • 2 – bronze jump rings
  • 1 – bronze jewelry clamp
  • 2-3 – assorted feathers (I used a 2-in and a 1.5-in feathers.)
  • glue (E6000 recommended)
  • Toothpick
  • Needle-Nose Pliers


  1. Arrange your two feathers (the larger feather below the smaller feather) and trim the feather quills to the same length.
  2. Using the toothpick, apply the glue to the inside of your first bead (the one that will sit lowest on the hanging feather) and thread the feather ends through. Repeat for the second bed.
  3. Lay your clamp over the ends of the feather quills and slide it snugly against the beads. Trim the quills to ensure that they will not be longer than the clamp once closed.
  4. Using a toothpick, apply glue to the inside of the clamp and lay your feather quills in the clamp with the “pretty” side facing the front of the clamp and quickly crimp your feathers into the clamp with the pliers (you want to be sure the hole on top of the clamp is clear of any glue or feather, or the charm will not hang nicely on your chain).
  5. Using the pliers, open the jump ring, add it to the hole on the top of the clamp, attach the same ring to the bronze chain and close using the pliers.
  6. Lastly, using the same method, add a jump ring to your Courage Key and attach to the chain.

10600649_10152748918206155_3563097143993451626_nDo you know someone who needs the message of courage? What message would your Giving Key have on it?

– Joyce

MOPS Craft: Grapevine Wreath with Looped Burlap Flower

I know MOPS Crafts are popular with a lot of our readers, and I haven’t posted one in a long time. I LOVE the one that we just did! It was a fall wreath, and I have to say that even though it might look and sound complicated, it is super simple, even for non-crafters like me! Our MOPS Creative Activities coordinator Megan and Kristina did a great job of finding a deal on all the supplies and organizing every detail. I wish I could show you everyone’s wreaths. They were all unique to each crafter. I love it!

10357260_10152886524431155_7519686835976014374_nWatch this video on how to do DIY Looped Burlap Flowers from Cool2Crafts:
(Start at 1:00 if you want to skip the intro and just get to the instructions.)




  1. Pull out the strands from the short 3” end of the burlap strips one by one (See Example A below).
  2. Cut the 3” wide strips of burlap apart down the middle of the glued sections.
  3. Apply a line of tacky glue along the bottom 23” edge of the burlap strip and fold the top edge over and press firmly to glue it in place (See Example B below).
  4. Apply another line of tacky glue along the edge and using the wooden stick begin to tightly roll the burlap onto the wooden stick tying your best to keep the burlap lined up (See Example C below).
  5. Once completed, you may choose to keep the flower in a bud-shape or you may press down on the flower and it will open it up to create a fuller bloom.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for your other four flowers.
  7. Once all of your flowers are complete, get your hot glue gun to add your flowers to your wreath in whatever fashion you desire.
  8. Now you can use your 10 pearls to add to the center of your flowers or use the sprigs to “dress up” the area around your flowers.

Example A
Example B
Example C

If you’re not up to making a fall wreath because winter is on its way, don’t fret! My friend Faith did a great job using these same steps to create a winter wreath!!!


Have you been crafty lately? What have you created? Is there any fall decor in your home?

– Joyce

Splatter Art Gift Bags

Melody had been planning her Arts and Crafts birthday party for awhile now. Besides “milestone” birthdays, we usually keep the girls’ parties lowkey with a few close friends, and celebrate through the month. Melody thought of some fun stuff to put in the favors bag, so I thought it would be neat to have a splatter art gift bag. Little did my non-creative self know that it is not as simple as it looks.

Inspired by the “paint splash” printable from this Colorful & Creative, Art-Inspired Birthday Party, we got right to work.

We got our supplies together…

…and got our paint shirts on.

The paint didn’t really splatter as much as we wanted it to. I totally forgot that it needed to be more runny. So for attempt #2, we had to mix the paint with a little water in an old ice cube tray. It worked!

Soo….we brought everything outside. The girls chose their brushes and colors, and splattered away!

I printed out the friends’ names in different colors on white cardstock and used some pop-up adhesive squares that were left over from an American Girl stationery set.

Christmas (Photo) Cards Prayer Books

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Christmas (Photo) Cards
I posted that I was putting together a prayer book with all the Christmas (photo) cards that we received this year. My friend, Faith, asked if she could see it once I was done because she is trying to figure out what to do with her cards as well. I had seen the Christmas card books before and had one pinned to my Christmas pinboard, but again, with no intentions, I never got around to actually do it. And really, it is so simple.

How It Went Down
Supplies and Materials:
1. Christmas (photo) cards
2. handheld hole punch
3. 2 book rings
4. cover (optional)
5. glitter glue or any other decor stuff (optional)

1. Punch 2 holes on a card. (follow eighteen25’s directions if you’re using her cover)
2. Use that as your guide to make holes in all other cards.
3. Punch all the holes.
4. Put the book rings through the holes to put it altogether.
5. Enjoy seeing photos of your family and friends from the year. 🙂

What do you do with all the Christmas (photo) cards you receive? Is it kept in a special spot or do you like to look at them from time to time?


Valentine’s Card-Making Party

We love going to Creekside Church’s parties! Last week we went to the Valentine’s Card-Making Party and invited a bunch of friends to craft some cards and munch on goodies.

Here are the stations:

Emily working on her card

Melody and her creations

And then, there was playing tag with friends and just hanging out chatting…

MOPS Craft: Dip Mix and Spice Blend

I’m not a crafty person, so any of the crafty items you see around our home was made at MOPS. I love that I don’t actually have to go out to buy the materials. I’ve gotten compliments on all the things I’ve made. Thanks to our wonderful Creative Activities coordinators Monica and Genevieve for preparing all the great crafts!

At the last MOPS meeting we put together a Ranch Dressing & Dip Mix and a Moroccan Spice Blend. Definitely something that I would not do on my own but fun to do with the group.

*container for spices (I think ours were 6 oz.)
*measuring spoons

Ingredients for Ranch dressing and dip mix (40 servings):
*2 Tbsp dried onion powder
*4 Tbsp dried parsley
*2 Tbsp dried chives
*2 tsp garlic powder
*2 tsp dried celery flakes/powder
*1 tsp white pepper
*1/2 tsp paprika
*1/4 tsp dried dill
*1/2 tsp salt, or to taste

Instructions for Ranch dressing and dip mix (makes 2 cups):
*Mix 3 Tbsp of dry mix with 1 cup mayonnaise and 1 cup buttermilk. Let dressing rest in fridge for 1 day for best results.
*Lighter Version: Mix 2 Tbsp of dry mix with 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1/2 cup reduced-fat mayonnaise, and 1/2 cup buttermilk.
*Optional: Buy dry buttermilk powder from the baking section. Add 1/2 cup powder to the dry ingredients in the tub. When adding the wet ingredients, you can substitute regular milk for the buttermilk.

Ingredients for Moroccan Spice Blend:

*4 tsp ground cumin
*4 tsp ground ginger
*4 tsp salt
*2 tsp black pepper
*2 tsp ground allspice
*2 tsp ground cinnamon
*2 tsp ground coriander
*1 tsp ground cloves
*1/2 tsp cayenne

Recipe Ideas for Moroccan Spice Blend:
*Use as a dry rub on chicken and pan fry.
*Mix 2 Tbsp of dry mix with plain yogurt and coat chicken. Let marinate for 1/2 hour. Place in foil packets. Bake for about 25 minutes at 450*F. Comes out super juicy and flavorful.
*Mix with olive oil and coat potatoes or vegetables. Roast in oven until tender.

And also, not pictured was the chalkboard contact paper used to label the tops of the containers so that you can write down what spice was inside. We ran out of contact paper, so I don’t have that one mine.

2012-11-27_11-13-30_509 2012-11-27_11-13-23_913

– Joyce

MOPS Craft: T-Shirt Scarf

I’m not a crafty person, so any of the crafty items you see around our home was made at MOPS. I love that I don’t actually have to go out to buy the materials. I’ve gotten compliments on all the things I’ve made. Thanks to our wonderful Creative Activities coordinators Monica and Genevieve for preparing all the great crafts! Today, we made t-shirt spaghetti scarves. They are super duper easy to make. I think I say this about all our crafts, but they was so simple I might make a couple more.

Sorry, this is not the best pic of me. I don’t know how people take such good self-portraits with their phones.

*an old t-shirt (one with no side seams works best)


  1. Cut the T-shirt straight across from armpit to armpit. Cut off the hem and save for later.
  2. Cut strips across, approx 1 1/2″ wide.
  3. Pull and stretch each strip individually until it rolls.
  4. Adjust to desired length.
  5. Cut a strip of the hem to secure the back of the scarf. Enjoy!

Here are some other websites that have visual instructions, as well as different kinds of spaghetti scarves you can make! 🙂
Walk in Love | Beauty Divine Design | 4 Little Fergusons | My Blessed Life

– Joyce

MOPS Craft: No-Sew Tutu

For our MOPS craft this month, we had a choice between doing tutus or capes. The capes turned out great too but I know the girls are always itching to be ballerinas, so I made a tutu and got extra materials for a second one. I think I will make the capes on my own too. They were super cute.

I’m not going to share instructions here this time because the blog that our Creative Activities coordinator used has great instructions already. You can find the instructions HERE. She also has a QUICK AND EASY way to cut the tulle. We did it a little differently, so I’ll post that part below. It took me about half an hour to make the tutu.

3 pieces of tulle + pair of scissors + elastic ribbon = tutu

Fold, roll and cut the tulle (3″ inches)

Tie tulle strips onto tied elastic ribbon. I actually still have to cut the ends of some of the tulle, but they didn’t care about that. :p

Half an hour later. Ta-da!

– Joyce

Roll a yard of tulle.
– Keep the tulle folded in half lengthwise.
– Roll from the folded edge down to the open edge.
– Repeat for remaining two yards.

Cut tulle
– Keeping tulle in a roll, cut edge off to make even
– Cut the remaining roll into 3 inch pieces
– Once roll is cut, open up and cut each piece in half on the crease/middle.

MOPS Craft: Menu Plan Board

Image Source: Little Birdie Secrets

We made a menu plan board at MOPS last month. The above image looks almost exactly like the one I made, except I did a 8×10 instead of 12×12, and the paper is a little lighter in color. I think the instructions for that one uses vinyl lettering, but words were just printed on the scrapbook paper. Having a menu plan really makes a difference in how meal go during the week, and it also helps save money. If you’re looking for more menu planning stuff, check out the Org Junkie. Now I’m off to fix up my new menu plan for the week. What are you have this week?


  • Picture frame (we used a 8×10 frame from Dollar Tree)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Dry-erase marker


  1. If you want to type out “Menu” and the days of the week long the paper, do that first. Our Creative Activities director at MOPS did this step for us already. The other choice was to do a “I love you because…” frame.
  2. Trim your scrapbook paper to size.
  3. Put the scrapbook paper into the frame.
  4. You can also make a little flower to put on the side.

DIY: “Getting to Know You” Board Game

For our in-home date night (Be Curious Together), I made this board game for us to play. Instead of going down a list and asking each other questions, we used the “board” to get to know each other more.


  • Cardstock (paper will do too)
  • Brad and paper clip (or dice)
  • List of questions (cut up into strips)
  • 2 playing pieces (I used felt to make 2 little hearts)

Directions for DIY Board

  1. Find a blank game board template online. I used THIS ONE.
  2. Copy and paste onto a new Word document (or Publisher or whatever).
  3. Make the squares different colors for topics or just type/write down the topics on the squares. (I chose our family’s favorite colors. I used 4 colors because I had 4 topic…you can do more.)
  4. Print out the board game onto cardstock (or paper).
  5. Make a list of questions, or print them out from a website like THIS ONE.
  6. Print out the questions.
  7. Cut the individual questions out.
  8. Put the brad and paper clip in the middle of the board. (Unless you’re using a dice…)

Directions for playing the game

  1. Start anywhere.
  2. During a player’s turn, they spin the paper clip.
  3. Move the number of spaces indicated.
  4. Pick a question from the corresponding pile of questions.
  5. Answer the question.
  6. The other player takes a turn.
  7. Continue until all questions are answered.

I will probably print more questions to answer for the next time we play.

Here is A PRINTABLE of the board I made along with the questions I used from the above website. If you end up printing this out and playing it, let me know how it goes.

What other creative dates have you gone on?

– Joyce