Our Week in Photos (Week 18 of 52)

*Church men’s retreat for Norm
*Church potluck – so much good food!
*Dad’s birthday at Kokyo Sushi Buffet – so much good food!
*MOPS Steering – so much good sharing/planning
*My Very First Spreecast! We’re still trending. HMC
WEEK 18 OF 52 album

*CCS International Day
*Brain Tumor Walk
*Emily’s birthday dinner
*MOPS Spring Tea!

This Week’s Post
*My Future Sister (-in-Law)
*MOPS Craft: No-Sew Tutu
*Giveaway Winner and HMC
*Review and Giveaway: Mom Connection
*Brain Tumor Walk 2012

Whew! Was this a long week or what? I mean, it went by quick now that I’m looking back at it, but each day was so long. Well, each of this week’s posts speak for itself, so you might want to just go check those out since I’m all out of words. If you find which spreecast I’m in, you can feel free to fast forward through my part. ha! I can’t believe I was part of a live chat with close to 100 participants around the world. I did a self-assessment at the leadership summit and I decided I need to take more risks. That was risky, right? Living on the wild side, I know. Ok, so maybe I wasn’t all out of words. I am now. I know every week has 7 days, but was your week long or short?

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, Apr 27, 2012

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 18 of 52)

  1. The picture of your whole family is perfect! It looks like everyone enjoyed the party – but I would have been into that cake before the picture could be taken, as it looks yummy.

    The girls suddenly look so grown up. The not-matching outfits help that, I think.

    • Diane, There were a few photos where hands were reaching in for the cake! :p Almost all their clothes are hand-me-downs/borrowed from different cousins of ours so it is rare that they actually match.

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