CC 101 – A Day

On Fridays we have our Community Day. Our campus has about __ families, and 42 students. (We only offer the Foundations program on our campus, but the Essentials program would be after lunchtime if we had it.) There are about 6-8 kids in each class, grouped by age.

This is what we do…

9:05am – Large Group Opening (prayer, Pledge of Allegiance/to the Bible, family presentation, Scripture work recitation, announcements)

9:15am – 12:00pm – Classes (individual oral presentation, hands-on fine arts, (we usually have snack/bathroom break and swap classrooms for a change of scenery), science project, learn new memory work, review old memory work, US map work)

12:00pm – Lunch (this is usually out in the courtyard until the rains start, then the kids play together in the gym)

So, if you’ve been wondering what we are doing with homeschooling, this is part of it. We are heading into the 5th week and having a great time. I think CC is a good fit for Melody, but we’re still undecided what to do for next year. Next post I will be expanding on what each of the above “subjects” include.

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