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I’ve been stalking checking out some posts from bloggers who are doing, or have done, Classical Conversations. They are a great resource for me in planning and preparing. Some of them have nice write-ups of how CC works and others list out the weekly stuff that makes up CC. Check them out below:

Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood
It’s a Great Day To Learn
The Corkums
Wisdom and Righteousness
Mt. Hope Chronicles (this link goes to her weekly reports, but there are a lot of great CC posts on the right sidebar)

Milk and Cookies – Classical Conversations: An Overview
Simple Homeschool – Classical Conversations: An Introduction
A Ten O’Clock Scholar – 5 Questions about Classical Conversations Answered
Mt. Hope Chronicles – Classical Conversations
Made To Organize – Classical Conversations
Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood – Classical Conversations for Beginners
Laughing With Us – Classical Conversations Community Review
A Well-Feathered Nest – How We Do Homeschool: Classical Conversations
The Sierra Home Companion – Homeschooling the Classical Way
Home is where you start from – Classical Conversations, my view
The Voice of Adventure – Why I Love Classical Conversations

Are there others CC bloggers that I missed on the list? What other homeschooling sites do you recommend?

CC  101: The Basics | A Day

8 thoughts on “CC 101: CC Bloggers

  1. Thank you for putting together a list of CC family blogs!!! I just started CC at home with my children. It’s wonderful to be able to get ideas from others using the same core.

    • You’re welcome! We are “experimenting” this year since the next school year will be my older daughter’s “official” year to start Kindergarten, but we are enjoying the CC community so far. I’m loving all the resources out there in the blogosphere.

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    • Thanks for stopping by Colleen! CC has grown so much from 2 years ago, and it is exciting to see all the CC bloggers out there. I’m sure there is a more comprehensive list out there now. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the CC year so far!

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