CC 101: What I Like

What I like about CC is that it touches on subjects that are not my strengths: public speaking, science, and art.

Giving Presentations
The students are given a topic to practice during the week, and then they give a presentation to their class on community day. I think this is a great skill for kids to learn at an early age. I know a lot of adults who have trouble with getting in front of a group of people.

Fine Arts
While I love art, I’m not crazy about the aftermath of it, and really, I don’t want to have to store art supplies and materials, and worry that the paint will dry up before I use it again, etc. (I know, it’s that the best excuse.) The girls get crafts at storytime every week, and we take the occasional trip to Lakeshore for their free craft time, but I love that CC goes over different fine arts skills and the kids learn about different artists. (Half of each semester is dedicated to music (tin whistle/composers))

Science is not my favorite subject. It is interesting, but it’s always been hard for me to grasp how things work. And again, what do you do with the materials after the project/experiment is done? With the experiments, the kids get to discuss what they will be doing, make a hypothesis, list the materials and procedure, and find out the result.

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