Our Week in Photos (Week 40 of 52)

*Len’s birthday dinner at Sushi House
*Nat’s 1st Birthday Party in SF
*World Communion Sunday potluck
WEEK 40 OF 52 album

*JP’s 5th Birthday Party???
*MOPS (always fun!)

This Week’s Post
*Perspectives of Melody
*CC 101 – A Day
*Melody-ism: Veg/Vet
*I Won: $5 Amazon Gift Card and $25 Visa Gift Card
*Save This Date
*Review: Joe’s Crab Shack (Sacramento)

I know some of you are anxiously awaiting our Sacramento vacation posts…or not. They are on their way. It is slow in going because I have been falling asleep every night when the girls fall asleep, and have not gotten online as often. This weather is really not helping either. For those of you not in the SF Bay Area, how’s the weather where you are? Does it feel like Fall, or more like winter? It was a wacky day yesterday…it went from gloomy and rainy to bright and sunny, and all of a sudden a downpour, let up a little, and then more rain….cloudy with sunshine…somehow it is supposed to be in the 70s by the weekend…anyhow I do remember being at the pumpkin patch the past 2 years and it was super duper hot. Looks like not a lot going on over here besides the interesting weather patterns. Still in t-shirts and shorts or bringing out the sweaters and fleecy PJ bottoms?

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, Sep 30, 2011

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7 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 40 of 52)

  1. HI Joyce! My brother lives in that area and we were just talking about how similar our weather is right now. It was a pretty drastic change here from sunny and 80 degrees to rainy and break out the winter coats! Our furnace hasn’t kicked on yet but it’s only 65 in here this morning so I’d say it’s at least time to break out the fire wood! 🙂

    Have a great weekend! I can’t get Home Sanctuary to load on my computer this morning so I’ll have to try later.


  2. One day last week I managed to have the furnace on briefly in the morning, and the a/c on in the later afternoon. Mid seventies this weekend, but back down to seasonal norms (around 63 – 65 for highs) after Tuesday. But lots and lots of sunshine, which, after nine straight days with clouds and rain, has been very welcome!

  3. I am happy to report actual CLOUDS here in North Texas!! Still no rain to speak of, but at least temps have moderated to the high 80s. Maybe this year it won’t be too hot for the little ones to wear Halloween costumes…

  4. Crazy weather. Here in Denver, we had upper 80s up through the first few days of October. Then last night some places in the mountains got so much snow they’re opening the ski resorts! I don’t mind whatever weather I just hate trying to figure out what my kids should wear to school…dress for the cold mornings, or the warm/hot afternoons!

  5. This past week has been gorgeous fall weather here in TN. Which has been nice change. We have gone from scorching hot — over 90 for days & days. Then we’ll plummet to 50 degree days. I wondered where the temperate weather was. And we received a whole week of perfect fall days — cool at night, warm in the day. Sunny, no clouds, no humidity. Don’t know if it will last but I sure am thankful for some of this!

  6. We are having perfect fall weather here! up to about 75 during the day, cool nights and sun! It is supposed to be even warmer this weekend. All of your beautiful food pics have made me hungry! Have a great weekend!

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