CC 101: Family Presentation

Each week one or two families in our Classical Conversations community gives a family presentation during the morning big group time. The presentation is about 5 minutes and the family tells the group a little about who they are.

For our family presentation, we decided to do something music-related, even though that is a common theme some of the other families have already done for their presentation.

We actually led worship for the morning (this was unplanned), and then we had a slideshow showing some of the various instruments that we and our extended family members play. After that we led everyone in singing “You Never Let Go” by Matt Redman.

Here is a few photos (thanks Marianne for taking these photos!):

Melody was a total rockstar!

Emily was probably wondering why everyone was looking at her.

Here they are again…

Although at one point, she did shake her egg shaker. See the blurry hand? That means it’s moving. =p

I hadn’t played in so long, but I got through it. ha!

And why are we so far from Norm? =p He thought I was going to stand next to him with the girls on the other side…but I like to play sitting down.

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8 thoughts on “CC 101: Family Presentation

  1. such a cute family! your girls were both so brave to be up there in front of everyone. i know i’d be quaking in my boots. not that i wear boots. but you know what i mean. 😛

  2. How fun!! You guys are total rock stars!! And please, can we just discuss how adorable your girls are? With the egg shaker and everything! I love it. 🙂

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