My 2nd 5k Walk: Walk to Cure Psoriasis

I walked my 2nd “5k” walk last week. I was a little nervous heading into Saturday because my knee had been bothering me all week long. The morning was a little crazy as we were trying to pack up everything since we would be out in the city all day long. About 5+ minutes into our drive on the freeway, we realized that we forgot the stroller. Oops! We were not about to carry a 20 or 30-pound kid during a 5k if they needed carrying. Sorry JL for making you wait for us! It was nice to catch up with Cousin Johnny. We all enjoyed the view for the walk as well. Although we’ve all lived in San Francisco for a long time (10+ years for me and most of Johnny and Norm’s lives), we had never strolled along this area before. I’ve driven by tons of times, but never walked it. Norm said it was one of the top places to run according to Runner’s World? Anyhow, here’s our morning…

Arriving late

Signing in

Starting line

Some SF Sights

Then, we found our team! at the 1k turnaround point. They only walked a little further than we did.


Goodie bags (The Aveeno ezcema cream might come in handy for Melody.)

Our team Forever Clear (although I’m tempted to join the Itchy and Scratchy team next year =p hehe)

When I was about 5(?), we took a family photo at this same spot. I will have to dig up that photo to compare. =p

Okay, so we didn’t quite do the 5k walk, but we were pretty close to walking a 5k total for that morning. We parked at the garage which was about 3/4 mile away. Although this was a nice and scenic area to walk in, it was a little hard to distinguish the walkers and random tourists. The first part of the walk was right through the Farmer’s Market in front of the Ferry Building. And on our way back to the plaza, there were tons of SF Giants fans on their way to the game.

So these were the first 1+ hour (9:40am to around 11:15am??) of the 11 hours that we were in SF that Saturday.

– Joyce

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You can still sponsor me until the end of the month. Walk to Cure Psoriasis

7 thoughts on “My 2nd 5k Walk: Walk to Cure Psoriasis

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  2. I’m glad you were still able to do the walk. What a beautiful area! I did a 1-mile run with my kids last year, without a stroller. I regretted not having it about half-way through, when my nearly 3-year-old son asked me to carry him. I thought he did well to make it that far though, and we did finish the event! No more runs for me though. I’ll stick to biking.

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