Flowergirls 2011 – Part 1: The Dresses

Part 3: Wedding Rehearsin’

If you have been Keeping Up With the Moys, you know that Melody and Emily were flowergirls in a wedding recently. I didn’t want to reveal their dresses to you earlier since some of you didn’t want to see them until the day of. I finally found time to upload the photos from when they girls were trying on dresses. I hope to post photos from the wedding soon.

Oh, a little backstory…I know Winnie from church. So that basically means we’ve known each other forever! She was a bridesmaid for me when I got married. Winnie and Norm went to high school and college together too. A favorite memory with her was when we were planning a friendship dinner at church one year. I stayed over at her house for 2 days and talked until the wee hours of the morning…as in the hours when we were supposed to be waking up. =p

So, if you recall, this was a super busy day for the girls because that morning we did the Walk to Cure Psoriasis and we lunched with Len and Bonnie at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. After the girls’ nap, we headed to Sunset for the girls to try on some dresses. Here are a few shots Norm captured. See if you can see the moment Melody knew which dress was “the one”.

Auntie Winnie showing Emily one of the dresses.

Melody is not quite sure yet…

Is that the one? She was twirling if anyone was wondering.

Emily is looking like a big girl wearing the dress. This was actually a size too big for her.

I think Melody was in the middle of a yawn in this pic.

The girls trying on other dresses. Notice the look on their faces…not as thrilled as before.

Yay! The girls were so happy for Auntie Winnie!

Winnie and Mike have been married for almost 16 days now! Hooray!

– Joyce

P.S. Come back tomorrow for more on the flowergirls stylings.
P.P.S. If anyone needs 2T and 4T cream colored flowergirls dresses, these can be loaned out. If you want to buy your own, they can be found at JCPenney.

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