Making the Cut: My Hairy Adventure

*Note: Photos below. Click here for backstory.

Here’s what went down on Saturday when I went in for cut for Locks of Love.

We went to The Spa at Stacy Monroe’s. Melody was quite skeptical as to what was going on. I think I saw a raised eyebrow. We arrived there and the girls at the front desk seemed confused. But redirected me to the high schoolers of the American Cancer Society Club who asked me for my name, and we waited on the couch.

Jamie, my stylist, came out and she got started. She said the minimum was 8 inches. It keeps changing on me. She tied my hair up and made the cut. So, for salons like this, they help you make the cut, but if you want your hair to be styled, they charge you the regular fee. Jamie was nice enough to at least even out my hair for me. At Great Clips, it’s a free cut and free styling. I was in a hurry last time, but there would have been a free shampoo too.

Melody did end up having a good time. We also got one of those nifty oil keychains thingies. She didn’t want to leave. Hopefully, she’ll have a good first haircut experience when we decide to make the cut for her. hehe She still has her baby hair.

And that was that. It’s just a straight cut, but it’ll do for now. I do have a $100 gift certificate (that I won from Parent Bloggers Network) from that I can use later on. 😉

– Joyce

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