Making the Cut: The Story of My Hair

**Note: See gallery below for Before and After photos.

When I was an infant, I had the whole nasty cradle cap thing going on all over my head. My mom said the doctor prescribed some stinky shampoo to wash my head. In the playpen, I’d always rub my head on the mesh. It left stains (I think from that shampoo). Yuck! And to top it off, I didn’t have too much hair. It just didn’t really do what it was supposed to…grow. As a child, I think I’ve only had really short hair once…in 2nd grade.

My dad didn’t really like us having long hair, because there were 3 of us girls, and it wasn’t so great for the drains and vacuum cleaner. Oops! It must have been some subconscious thing of dealing with the lack of hair when I was younger, but I liked keeping my hair long. It was somewhat of a catch 22 because it was hard to manage (during wash and dry, and windy days), but it was also easy to manage (just pull it up into a ponytail if you don’t want to do anything else with it). I think I’ve only been to the salon a handful of times in my entire 29 years of life. It just wasn’t worth it to pay someone to do a trim…which is the only thing I ever got. It’d be like 2 inches at most.

Before graduation (in college), I decided for a change (I have no idea where it came from….Norm probably “suggested” it). I think I went with him to his stylist in Chinatown, and they just did a straight cut. All gone! For the first time in forever I had short hair (not as short as the future cuts I got though). I was actually still able to put it up and on that day no one noticed I had my hair cut so short. I left it down the next day, and the Sunday School student I had seen the previous day was so surprised. I can’t remember exactly when this was, but since it was around graduation time, I’ll say it was the very beginning of 2002.

Sometime early in 2004 I found out about Locks of Love. I thought that was  a neat way to “give” a little something. It’s such a simple act (kinda…remember, my hair grows super duper slow). So I looked up information about it online. At that time, they used to post up participating salons. The closest one was in Concord. That was a 40 minute drive away…just to have a haircut. Well, I did it! The stylist chopped of 10 inches of my locks!! Yikes!

So my hair still grew back pretty slowly, but now it was really thick too. I wanted to grow it to donate again, but because it needed to be a certain length from my hair trial for the wedding in 2005, I had to get it cut. It would take too long to grow to 10 inches before then.

When end of 2006 rolled around, and I was about 5 months pregnant, I decided to make the cut again. By this time, Locks of Love didn’t put up a list of participating salons, but I heard all Great Clips did the cut for free. Because they wanted to make sure that all the hair was usable for the wigs, they trimmed the ends (even though I don’t get split ends or anything (rare for long hair, I know)). So I ended up donating 13 inches!! Now I had a simpler routine which was great. And it grew enough when Melody was born so that I could still put it up, and not have it in my way.

Man, my hair grows so slow. I was going to go for a cut before Chinese New Years this year, but never got around to finding a style. (Norm went for a style change though…after how many years? Or I think it’s been like that his whole life.) I’ve never really had it “styled” before. It was always just a cut straight across. The last time there was a little something going on, but you couldn’t tell really. I’ve been meaning to get it done, but I didn’t want 13 inches taken off again, because that would be too short for me.

In the “city” paper this past week, there was an article about the local high school’s American Cancer Society Club. At the beginning of the school year, they had students pledge to grow their hair to donate by the end of the year. So…on Saturday, April 25th, I will join them in donating my hair…once again. And a note…it’s been 2 years and 6.5 months since the last cut. I remember because I got it cut on the day of Davina’s birthday party.

– Joyce

8 thoughts on “Making the Cut: The Story of My Hair

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  2. Love your hair story! It is so wonderful you are donating your hair! I don’t have the patience to grow it out that long…plus i color my hair sometimes, and its not the healthiest. Good luck!

  3. That’s awesome that it’ll be your 3rd time donating! And it’s pretty cool you’ll be “supporting” the community in a way by donating through the school’s club. I’ll be donating again sometime in the next couple of years, too. I love short hair and I love getting my hair cut, but my hair grows too fast so upkeep gets expensive.

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