Making the Cut: The Fourth Donation

This was my surprise for anyone who is keeping up. Surprise!

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I was really not feeling well this day (March 27), but I had already decided that I would be doing my fourth donation to Locks of Love during my birthday month.

After waking up from my nap and feeling really groggy, we all trekked down to Great Clips for our cuts. Norm actually need a haircut too so he went first while the girls and I watched on.

Watching Daddy getting his haircut

Not watching Daddy getting his haircut

Before (I had a really cute idea for the before/after shots, but alas, it didn’t work out…bummer, and no, I will not be able to do it next time. 😦 )

Getting ready – This was the first time that I had my hair in 3 ponytails for the cut. I think I end up getting less hair cut that way because of the way it’s gathered. Whew!

The girls wondering what is going on

Byebye Hair – 10 inches exactly this time

Not the best shot, and goofy Melody got in the shot, but here it is! Sorry for my freaky long arm in the shot too. They are freaky long in real life as well.

Every time I make the cut, I say it will be my last time donating, so I guess I’ll just stop saying it.

Come back later this week when I post about the pros and cons of long and short hair.

– Joyce

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11 thoughts on “Making the Cut: The Fourth Donation

  1. Joyce,
    Thank you for sharing these photos and thank you for supporting such a great cause. I’m glad Great Clips could help play a small role in such a meaningful moment for you.

    Thanks again,

    Kasey Skala
    Great Clips

  2. Joyce, this is so sweet. I love your post about it, with all the pictures. And your hair looks lovely short! I think you could do almost anything with your hair and you would still look fabulous. 😀

    Someone is going to be really happy to have your beautiful hair!

    Love, Alicia
    P.S. It is TOTALLY ok to link up an older post to TNAT. Thanks for linking up. 🙂

  3. What a sweet thing to do, your hair surely makes a beautiful donation!

    I also like the short hair on you but can see how it’s difficult to get used to.

    PS I’m visiting from TNAT!

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  6. You hair cut looks so cute! And I’m super proud of you for donating it. I’ve never had my hair long enough to do that (well, maybe if I got a pixie cut).

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