MOPS Craft: T-Shirt Scarf

I’m not a crafty person, so any of the crafty items you see around our home was made at MOPS. I love that I don’t actually have to go out to buy the materials. I’ve gotten compliments on all the things I’ve made. Thanks to our wonderful Creative Activities coordinators Monica and Genevieve for preparing all the great crafts! Today, we made t-shirt spaghetti scarves. They are super duper easy to make. I think I say this about all our crafts, but they was so simple I might make a couple more.

Sorry, this is not the best pic of me. I don’t know how people take such good self-portraits with their phones.

*an old t-shirt (one with no side seams works best)


  1. Cut the T-shirt straight across from armpit to armpit. Cut off the hem and save for later.
  2. Cut strips across, approx 1 1/2″ wide.
  3. Pull and stretch each strip individually until it rolls.
  4. Adjust to desired length.
  5. Cut a strip of the hem to secure the back of the scarf. Enjoy!

Here are some other websites that have visual instructions, as well as different kinds of spaghetti scarves you can make! 🙂
Walk in Love | Beauty Divine Design | 4 Little Fergusons | My Blessed Life

– Joyce

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