Our Week in Photos (Week 42 of 52)

*Alice in Wonderland play
*GNO @ Starbucks
*Birthday dinner for Jen & Eric @ Daimo
*Joan’s Pumpkin Patch
*Moore’s Pumpkin Patch
*ES Meeting
*Bring a Friend Night at Awana (Melody’s friends invited her, and it looks like this might become a regular thing…hoping Norm will be able to get home earlier because I really enjoy our family dinners each night.)

*Movie night w/ Len & Bonnie
*Women’s Retreat for me
*Disney on Ice for Norm and the girls w/ Jen & Aaron
*Dessert before dinner w/ friends

This Week’s Post
*Winnie the Pooh KIDS Play: Audition | Play Rehearsal | Getting Ready | Week of Insanity

So I promised to get this done by Sunday, but alas, our “Catch Your Breath” women’s retreat took a lot out of me. Yes, it does take a lot to “be still”. :p If you know me, I’m a total introverted homebody. Being out of the house for 14 hours was a lot. I’ll post more about that some more later…esp the Amazing Race part of the retreat. 🙂 Another big highlight of our week was going to two pumpkin patches in one day. The girls made me go down the Super Slide. More to come later too! Sorry to keep you in suspense. Come back to read about it. 🙂

– Joyce

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