Melody’s First Dentist Visit

We heard of Melody’s dentist through some moms from MOPS, and also read good things on Yelp. (Dr. Y did mention during our visit, that there are “mean” comments on there. haha)

Waiting Area – play structure for kids, massage chair for parents, and a flat screen with movie playing

Inside the playstructure

Blue Room – Apparently, fluoride comes in many different flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, raspberry…why don’t they have that for adults? =p

Melody got to hold Mr. Slurpy (she was not too fond of him)

Emily observes from afar

Game Room – you get a token for doing a good job

She wasn’t up to getting the x-rays done. I wouldn’t be either. I’m a gagger.

Above each of the seats is a flat screen that’s playing a movie.

Super ball prize!

Sparkly white! – ignore the roundness that is Melody’s closeup

Staff was very friendly. Place is super clean. Hygienist and dentist were very gentle. Very clear in explanation of everything. Melody’s teeth were definitely whiter than when she went in. She has done her own brushing for the past year, but it is recommended that parents follow up with another brushing afterwards until kids are about 8 years old. She flosses everyday, so there was no problems with that. She does have staining on her teeth (which I attribute to her like of blueberries), but the dentist is not too worried since they are not “soft”. She got a baggie with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. They also gave us a checklist of what was done that day, as well as what we need to do. So, there you have it. Melody’s first visit to the dentist. She was nervous, but she is not opposed to going back in 6 months. =)

– Joyce

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9 thoughts on “Melody’s First Dentist Visit

  1. wow!! That place looks great! I am not a fan of the dentist, but we just started looking for one for Josh and I as well as pediatric dentist for the boys. 🙂

  2. What a cool dental office. Love the game room! My son had a bad tooth injury at 27 months old, so his first dental visit was a traumatic, emergency appointment. He has since required an extraction and I think his dental experience would have been more comfortable if we’d taken him sooner AND if that had been to a pediatric, rather than general dentist. We have found this Mom’s Guide to have good info and tips, if you want to check it out. Also, finding a good pediatric dentist made a huge difference; were these around when we were kids? I think a lot more adults would have an easier time going to the dentist if this was our introduction to dentistry!! 🙂

    • That’s right! My first dentist was scary and mean!!! If I was more sensitive, I probably would have cried over his comments…or how he said them. And not gentle at all.

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  4. Wow, what a fun dental office! All we ever got was an aquarium to look at while we waited, and a “treasure chest” of plastic junk when we were finished.

    My how things have changed. 🙂

    I need to get Lizzie to the dentist one of these days.

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  6. I had to read this. Kara’s first visit was traumatic. From a very early age she started screaming and clinging to me at any type of doctor visit and this was no different. I’m glad yours went well.

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