Wedding Rehearsin’

I have known Winnie for more than 20 years. I know, I know, you’re wondering how that could be since we’re only 20! Ha! We know each other from church, and she also went to high school with Norm.

Anyhow, after umpteen years together, Winnie and Mike tied the knot on Sunday!! Before that happened, there was a wedding rehearsal.

We drove up to San Pablo on Thursday evening to do some rehearsing since the girls were the flowergirls. Here are some photos.

The girls were sooo excited!!

Maybe more excited about running around in a new place…that had fountains!

See my doofus goofus?

But when it came time for rehearsin’, it was all business.

…for the most part anyway…they’re still kids mind you.

Back to work.

And here was the lovely bride-to-be with her Daddy.

I just like Melody’s pose in this one. No, she wasn’t posing.

Still hard at work.

Practicing their “I Do”s

Finalizing the details.

Wedding day post to come!! Come back tomorrow? =)

– Joyce

5 thoughts on “Wedding Rehearsin’

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