San Leandro Farmer’s Market

We didn’t have plans for Saturday (which was rare), but since we didn’t go to storytime on Thursday because of Melody’s dentist appointment, the girls didn’t get their summer reading book report/reading log stamped. We headed to San Leandro to go get that done. Afterwards, we swung by the San Leandro Farmer’s Market. This was our first time there.

It was fun to try out the yummy fresh foods that were there. (The samples, of course…yeah, we Asian.)

The girls got balloons from the balloon guy. See my mini-me? =p It was not intentional.

Melody is thrilled about giving the money away…haha He only asks for donations, $2, $3, $1000…whatever you feel like giving. =p

Melody chose a heart bracelet. Emily chose a dancing flower.

We stopped at India Gourmet before leaving and got a Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap. It was yummy!

And gotta have the Kettle Korn of course!

This Farmer’s Market has a lot more vendors than the CV one. It is located at the mall, so you can go shopping before or after if you want too.

– Joyce

2 thoughts on “San Leandro Farmer’s Market

  1. oh my gosh! I just drove around San Leandro the other day with the boys just to see what was in the area. I know there are a ton of farmer’s markets around, but that one looks great!! We might have to visit. 🙂

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