Scrapbooks Go Digital

Remember way back in November when Rachel Anne of Home Sanctuary announced the Most Points winners of the Small Things for October? I was one of them! What was the prize? 3 Shutterfly photobooks, but I got to share the title of winner with Kaylene, so we each got 2 Shutterfly photobooks. I’m so glad I got to share in the winnings because I would have never had enough time to complete the books before the code expired, which I will talk about later on.

Below: Looks better in person, but this is the cover of the Friends 2008 book we made. Since it’s the cover, the edges get folded over, so that’s why it’s not centered.

I already knew what I wanted to make for the photobooks. For Melody I had planned on doing photobooks for every 3 months for her first year. I know, looking back I would have laughed at myself for thinking I would have time to do such a thing. I only did 0-3 months book. So for Emily, I never got around to it, and now she is 7 months old. So I made the photobook. We also got our parents a copy of the photobook as well. I added the codes, and put the books in the cart. I could not get the codes to apply to the order.

Below: Melody helped to design this page. It’s from her 1st birthday. (Seem so long ago.)

Since it took me forever to finish the book due to all the Thanksgiving festivities (and the first weeks I was still soaking it all in…I’m a winner! haha), the expiration date was approaching. I reread the instructions and saw something about digi-scrappers, and that’s what it said on the special offers page. I realized I should have made a digital scrapbook. It already took me that long to complete a regular photobook, there was no way I would be able to do a digital scrapbook. I would have to find backgrounds and create my own designs with embellishments. So I put in my order, thinking that I wasted my chance for free photobooks.

Below: Christmas get together which I guess we’re not having this year since I didn’t send out the email. 😦

I worked like a mad woman for a few days thinking there may be some hope of completing 2 digital scrapbooks to use my codes. Lo and behold  (this is my new phrase, people)! I finished one book. I uploaded the pages as digital scrapbook pages, added to cart, but….the code still didn’t work. 😦 I was so sad.

Below: Friends from CIBC.

Now I did something I normally don’t do. I contacted Shutterfly asking about why the code couldn’t be applied when I tried making a regular photobook earlier, and now a digital scrapbook. This was basically on the day that the code was to expire. Are you still with me here? Okay, good. I got a response almost immediately. Apparently, the Shutterfly guys stay up late like I do. But I had already signed off so I didn’t get it until morning. The reply was something about how I have digital scrapbooks in my cart, but the code is for regular photobooks. I was so confused because the wording for the code was “Digi Scrappers 8×8 20-page photobook” or something like that. I gave a detail explanation of what happened, and asked if there was a way to get credited for the photobooks that I had ordered and were on the way, or get an extension on my free books. They put in 2 new codes for me for photobooks.

Below: I couldn’t think of one last page to do, so here’s what I ended up with.

If you’re keeping up with my long story here, you’ll see that I had already spent time making the “digital scrapbook” pages. So….I decided to try something. I had the pages in jpg format as one photo, so I just put one photo in each page and voila! Sorry if I confused you. During that time, I also finished my 2nd photobook, which is a lot better than the first by the way, since I’m now a pro. haha I became a fan of Shutterfly on Facebook, because that was so cool of them to extend my codes to a later date so I could finish. I found some other codes, and here’s what I got.

8×8 photobook = free
8×11 photobook = free
2 8×10 collage photo posters = free (with random codes I found)
2 photo calendars = $31.58 (20% off regular price, we just missed the bogo)
free shipping (with code for $30+ purchase)
TOTAL: $31.58!!!

Below: My grannies!

I love that Shutterfly has stackable codes unlike other sites that we have used. I found a code for $15 off any order, expires in 2109! And a couple of 10% off codes too. We have used Shutterfly for prints before. We collect Pampers points and have gotten 400 free prints in the course of 2 years. We have accumulated enough points now to make 2 more photobooks. I just need to find some time. Maybe if I quit writing novel-sized blog posts….

Below: Melody with her grandparents on her 1st birthday.

Oh, we also got the order quite quickly considering it’s the holidays and everyone is ordering stuff and the delivery guys are working extra hard. It was strange that the different items were coming from different places, but we received everything within a week.

Below: Christmas 2008 with the Lees and Lums.

We’ll definitely be making more photobooks using Shutterfly. I have personally used 2 other sites to make photobooks, and this has been my best experience so far. I LOVE the photobook for Emily too. The material for the cover is really nice.

Click on link to see the entire Family 2008 photobook.
Click on link to see the entire Friends 2008 photobook.

7 thoughts on “Scrapbooks Go Digital

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  2. Joyce – the pages are absolutely beautiful…you did an awesome job putting them together. I’m so glad you had a great Shutterfly experience…I’m going to use them for my next books as well.

    I was about to have heart failure when I read “I could not get the codes to apply” GAH! I’m thrilled that they were able to help you and that they extended the codes for you. Woo! I wonder if I would need a deadline (like a code that’s about to expire) to light a fire under me to FINISH a project like this? Simple answer: Yes.

    I’m going to send the Shutterfly promotional people a link to your post….I’m sure they will appreciate your experience and recommendation!

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