Shutterfly House Party

I had the chance to host a Shutterfly House Party last month. It was a spur of the moment thing, and they don’t let you know until 2 weeks before if you are chosen to host. Most people were already busy that day, but I hope everyone who came still had fun. I didn’t get too many photos, despite it being a photo service/product party. :p

Setting up

The extent of my “decor” for the party. I didn’t even get a chance to blow up the balloons I got from the Shutterfly House Party pack.

I set out a few items to show what Shutterfly has to offer (great products, and fantastic customer service as well!), and also a few things to give an idea of what you can do with your prints. I was actually holding onto the photo coasters for a friend, but aren’t they cute? Cut out photos, Mod Podge them onto a tile, and spray with sealer. Bam! A great gift for the grandparents? I had won the photobooks from a giveaway in 2009. The wood block puzzles were a craft from MOPS.

We haven’t gotten a Christmas tree in the years we’ve lived here, but this is what we do with the cards we receive from family and friends. 🙂

This was from a game we played at Melody’s 5th birthday. Guests had to guess her age in the photos.

Favors and tips ready for guests to take home

I received a free 8×8 photobook for hosting the Shutterfly House Party, and guests received a free 8×8 photobook and 10 holiday cards (and 101 free prints if they sent out an offer to 5 friends for a free 8×8 photobook). What a deal!! I love that you can stack offer codes for Shutterfly.

Here is my big helper, setting up some cheese and crackers.

Guests heard there would be food, so they started to arrive! :p

I finally got to meet a blogger friend that I have known since before she had kids!!

Working on choosing photos

There were also samples that were part of the party pack, and I printed out tips for making the photobook and organizing photos.

Surprise surprise! Looked what showed up during our Shutterfly House Party! What a coincidence! Totally unplanned!

Logging on to our wi-fi to upload photos.

Group pic

Have you hosted any parties lately? Tell us about it.

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