Wind and Bunnies

Last time, Emily got a chance to take a test drive with me in a MINI Cooper S Convertible while our Acura RDX was being serviced.  This time it was Melody’s turn.  She liked the wind flowing through her hair like her sister.  Who doesn’t?


Emily back in late September 2013…


Melody also had a chance to go to the East Bay SPCA in Dublin to donate some old towels.  She also wanted to spend some time petting her favorite animal while she was there: bunnies (or rabbits).  The SPCA usually only has cats and dogs, but lucky for Melody they had two bunnies in the classroom: Peach (lighter peach colored one that is an American Fuzzy Lop cross) and Ham (the darker brown colored one that is a Holland Lop cross).  Melody said, “they’re cute and soft.”  Thanks for the wonderful opportunity and experience East Bay SPCA!


– Norm

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