Our Week in Photos (Week 16)

What Happened?
*Joyful Children’s Choir Performance
*BBQ with Friends
*Frozen at the library
*Last stitches-related appt
*Car Maintenance
*Park time at Manor Park, Sports Park, Marina Park, pocket park at the library
*Visit to the SPCA
*Sulphur Creek Nature Center Workshop at the library
*Spring Break Fun!
*SD’s 7th Birthday Party

What’s Happening?
*MOPS Spring Tea

What We Blogged This Week
*Moy Garden 2014
*Sushi-Making Party
*Wind and Bunnies

I made sure we got caught up with school work last Friday, and I did a deep(er) cleaning on Saturday. We were ready to play this week. And play, we did! I did not have a single plan for our week, and just played it by ear, which is super unlike me. We headed to a fun BBQ gathering across the Bay on Sunday. On Monday, my MIL took the girls to watch Frozen at the library. After hanging out with my nephew and parents on Tuesday, we had a little bike-riding, speed-walking time at Manor. On Wednesday, we hit up Sports Park with some friends. There was a Sulphur Creek Nature Center workshop at the library on Thursday, so Emily and I walked there. We were at the library’s pocket park for a bit for the workshop started. Norm took Melody for some car maintenance and ended up going for a Daddy Daughter date visiting car dealerships and even for a test drive, and seeing bunnies at the SPCA. On Friday, we met up with friends at Marina Park for lots of biking down the hill. šŸ™‚ And we ended the week with a bang, celebrating SD’s 7th birthday at Sheffield Park for a water gun fight. And so ends our spring break. It is always a good week when family, friends, and food are involved. What are/were your plans for spring break?

– Joyce

Click here or on the image(s) below, and then click on slideshow on the upper right hand side. My creative captions are a must-read. :p

*Note: If when you click on the slideshow, it brings you to the photo album, just close it and continue to watch the slideshow on our blog.

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