Fall Festival

Every year there is a Fall Festival in Castro Valley. They close off CV Blvd between Redwood and San Miguel so that vendors can set up booths and carts. People sell all kinds of stuff and there’s a kids’ area with bounce play areas, a stage for performances, there was a DJ playing music with a platform for anyone who wanted to show off their moves. And don’t forget the festival goodness that is the fried foods.

Tried some mini donuts from Harvey’s Gourmet Mini Donuts:

From Week 38 of 52 (2010)

Stopped at the CV Sanitary District booth and Redwood Chapel booth:

Sat in the squad car:

Got some shave ice:

BBQ Chicken, Artichoke, and Roasted Corn…Catfish and Garlic Fries:

Sat on the cub to watch performances:

4 thoughts on “Fall Festival

  1. Artichokes!!! YUM. It’s festival season out here too. Can’t wait for the Apple Harvest Festival, it’s the best one I’ve found out here, but they don’t have artichokes.

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