Family Favorites: Tents and Tunnels

We received our first set of tents and tunnels from a church friend whose grandkids outgrew them. Melody loved them. Then, some other church friends were doing a bit of cleaning around their home and found that they had a huge tent (from the same company) that their teenage kids won’t play with anymore. The tents and tunnels all connect together. This was after Emily was born but she was still little and couldn’t crawl through the tunnels. When she finally could she would go superspeed through them. We set up an “obstacle course” one day and I had the worst time out of the four of us, while Melody went through the course in 17 seconds. =p

Here are some fun tents and tunnels moments:

From Week 25 of 52 (2010)
From Week 19 of 52 (2010)
From Week 19 of 52 (2010)
From Week 19 of 52 (2010)
From Week 18 of 52 (2010)
From Week 24 of 52 (2010)

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