Sibling Celebration

sibling_celebrationYesterday we attended the sibling celebration offered at the hospital where I will be delivering. The “celebration” is 2 hours long and prepares a child to be a big brother or sister. There were 3 other families in the class. The kids were between 3 and 4.5 so Melody was the youngest one. Upon arrival Melody got a name sticker and a “I’m a Special Big Sister” t-shirt.

The first activity was to make a baby collage. They got into a “circle” and “discussed” babies. Next, there was a video about how babies are different from big kids. We went up to the maternity ward and saw a newborn baby getting its umbilical cord trimmed. We went back to the room to have snack. Melody was really excited about this part. haha There was Kool-Aid (which only has 2 grams of sugar surprisingly), Dunk Ems (spreadable cheese and crackers), and fruit snacks. What a treat because we never buy this stuff. Next, the kids had “circle” again. This time each child received a doll. They unswaddled the doll, helped to put a diaper on, swaddled it again, learned how to hold and burp the doll, and also to give it a bottle.

Finally, the kids all received certificates. Oh…and the parents received a survey to fill out. =p It was a good time and I’m hoping…I’m pretty sure Melody learned something about caring for babies and becoming a big sister. I don’t know if they offer this at other hospitals but I think it’s great to celebrate our children (especially firstborns) becoming a big sibling.

– Joyce

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