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Last Friday, we participated in something called Walk With Jesus at our church for Good Friday. At first, we had no idea what it was about, but the girls told us that it was like Bible Adventures in VBS, but at every station! I have never seen the kids eat dinner as fast as they did before we left for church!! 😜
Here’s what happened in the words of my kids:
At each station, every family gets a card that tells them what is happening in the room, like, “The soldiers have arrested Jesus and left the garden of Gethsemane…” and also the card tells you information on what to do with your family when you get inside the room. It was nice to gather around with my family, and talk about what was happening, because we don’t do that very often. I think this event has helped me look at the week of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter in a whole other way than just “Jesus died on the cross.”

(Note from Joyce: I didn’t get photos from the first two stations. Also, ignore what Melody typed above about us not gathering as a family often. We homeschool and have every meal together. I think we gather plenty. :p haha!)

Travel to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday

There was a sandy road. It was Jerusalem. We sat down and we got to decorate a palm branch. We gathered on the road and welcomed Jesus. We shouted, “Hosanna! Hosanna!” (Save us! Save us!)

Sit down for the Last Supper

We walked through a tent. I wished I would have that kind of tent at home. It is a lovely tent and there was a candle in there. We were able to get some bread from the plates on the table. We sat down and we saw the names of the disciples on the table. We got down in groups with our families and we talked about the disciples’ faces on the banner. We talked about how some of them were sad, mad, surprised, or happy. We washed each other’s feet with a baby wipe. It was to show how Jesus washed his disciples’ feet because he said he was a servant. We should follow Jesus so we can be a servant of God.

Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane

We pretended to sleep because Jesus was praying and he told the disciples to keep watch. He knew the soldiers were on the way. We did that three times. We finally stayed awake, and the soldiers were coming. He hid behind the rock because we didn’t want to get hurt. We prayed to God about our troubles. After, some people were crying because the soldiers took Jesus away. I (Melody) was going to cry too. It was wrong of them to do that. I wanted to stay there all day because it was really pretty in there, and I can sit there and read a book.

Discover the sacrifice of Good Friday

In this station, we were asked to take a quick taste of a lemon and take a tablet, and dissolve it in your mouth. We discovered that when you put the lemon in your mouth again, it was sweet! Just like how Jesus died on the cross and the day was a bit sour, let’s enjoy the good things he did on earth while he was here.

Celebrate freedom from their sins at the empty tomb that first Easter morning

This station we learned about Easter, Jesus’ resurrection. We were told here to take a piece of paper and write down (or draw) the sins we’ve done. Then, we filled a cup with water and dipped our papers in. Next, we stirred our papers into the water. Amazingly, after we stirred, the papers were gone! This stands for Jesus taking our sins away. It really is a sweet day.

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(Note: I don’t see the Group Pub paper available anymore, but you can get a small pad of *disappearing paper on Amazon.)

At the end, we went to the “cafe” (which was just the gym), where we got to meet up with all the other groups who finished the stations before us. (There were four groups of about three families each.) We had Resurrection Rolls, crackers and cheese, and grapes. We had fun with our friends.

Here what it is in the words of Group Publishing:

Walk With Jesus is a powerfully moving event that guides families along Jesus’ footsteps during his last days on earth. Families will journey through five stations and participate in impactful activities as they:

  • Travel to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday
  • Sit down for the Last Supper
  • Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Discover the sacrifice of Good Friday
  • Celebrate freedom from their sins at the empty tomb that first Easter morning

This event helps guests discover Easter and the events leading up to it in a way they’ll never forget.


The girls really loved the *bracelets they received too.

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