Christmas Lights 2013 {Friend Edition}

We usually visit Christmas Tree Lane in Alameda with family, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to go this year with friends who lived in Alameda. So off we went, on probably the coldest night of the entire year. We ended up parking in the middle of the lane, and so we kept missing them, probably walking the opposite way. We finally met up and decided it was time for some hot chocolate and treats. :p Check out the album for more Christmas Lights photos.

Heading to Alameda as the sun was setting! We have been getting some gorgeous sunsets lately, but photos can never truly capture the full beauty of God’s creation.

Hot chocolate break…E was super serious about drinking from that cup. We had two carafes of hot chocolate. One with hot chocolate that was cooler (I guess that would make it warm chocolate?) for the kids and little cups, but she insisted on drinking from the big cup. :p

So simple, but they loved it!

And everyone’s favorite was the toy workshop.

Family Favorites:
I have taken a liking to this snowman family. :p

Norm was intrigued by the Santa popping out of the Christmas tree. This was a favorite of many too.

Melody likes how the light shines on Mary and Joseph as they look at Jesus.

Emily likes the reindeer because Rudolph has a red nose. :p

Going to see Christmas lights is one of our favorite Christmastime traditions. What fun traditions do you have for your family? Are there fun places to see Christmas lights and decoration where you are?

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